Integration of Aeotec Smart Home Hub into SmartThings v3 Mesh Hub Network

Several years ago, I purchased a SmartThings mesh hub “3-pack” – main hub, two sub-hubs. To improve the signal strength of one of my SmartThings WiFi cameras, I wanted to add a third sub-hub to the mesh network. To that end, I purchased an Aeotec Smart Home Hub because it is claimed to be “identical to” the ST v3 device. I think I was misinformed. After setting it up, there appears to be no way to integrate the Aeotec into my existing ST mesh net. Although it seems to be working properly – it appears in the SmartThings app as well as in the API web interface as a new hub – I have yet to get anything to connect to it, WiFi or otherwise. (WiFi devices connect nicely to the ST v3 main hub.) Anyone have an idea where I am going wrong. Perhaps I should have bought an original SmartThings v3 hub on eBay. Thanks.

The Wi-Fi mesh models are different from the V3 models – – you wouldn’t have been able to add a Samsung V3 hub to your WiFi mesh network either.

So the Aeotec “works as a smartthings hub“ is indeed identical to the Samsung V3 model hub, but neither of those work with either of the Samsung Wi-Fi mesh models. They have different model numbers and different firmware.

Also, you cannot use a subhub from the original Connect Home system with the newer plume system or vice versa, either. Again, the firmware is different.

Wifi Mesh Systems

These models are both a Wi-Fi router and a SmartThings hub. Note that “Samsung WiFi” is the second generation of the router model and includes the Plume technology. The Samsung Connect Pro and the Samsung Connect models use the same firmware.) They are not interchangeable, as they use different firmware. So make sure any sub hubs that you get match the master hub you are using.

    1. Samsung Connect (US), model numbers ET-WV520, ET-WV530
    1. Samsung Connect (Singapore), model numbers ET-WV521, ET-WV531
    1. Samsung WiFi (US), model number ET-WV525KWEGUS
    1. Samsung WiFi (UK), model numbers ET-WV523

Models without Wi-Fi mesh technology

    1. SmartThings/ADT Security Hub (US), model numbers F-ADT-HUB-1
      This model includes ADT features which allowed for connection to a central monitoring center.
    1. Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (US), model number GP-U999SJVLGDA. Also called the V3 hub.
    1. Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (UK), model number GP-U999SJVLGEA. The UK version of the V3 hub.
    1. Aeotec “works as a smartthings hub“ was released in 2020 in both US and UK version. This appears to be identical to the V3 hubs, just with a different logo. Model : GP-AEOHUBV3EU/UK/AN/US where the last two letters indicate the region (EU, UK, Australia, or US)
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Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. I wish I had know this before I bought the Aeotec hub, which I will be returning. I have purchased a ET-WV525KWEGUS set of three hubs on eBay (used for not much more than the price of the Aeotec), identical to my original purchase. The documentation claims that this WiFi mesh hub supports up to 32 nodes, so that should solve my WiFi signal strength problem. I’m still puzzled about why I couldn’t get the Aeotec to connect with any of my Samsung Zigbee devices.

Thanks again for helpful reply.

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