EZVIZ Mini Plus HD Camera

(Joel W) #1

Has anyone tried to get the EZVIZ Mini Plus HD camera to work with ST? It works with Alexa, which is nice, but thought it would be better with ST integration. Anyone use IFFFT and if yes how?

(Joel W) #2

Anyone know anything about this?

(Mike Scaglione) #3

I just got one of these and am wondering the same thing. Hopefully someone can chime in with something.

(Joel W) #4

I havet the IP address, as it shows in FING with mfg in the notes.


I use it with IFTTT. My garage cam Motion to trigger my lights inside house.

(Scott S.) #6

I just purchased one. Would be nice to incorporate with ST, but with ifttt, I should be able to get it to do anything. I’m going to mainly keep an eye on my dog. She always feels the need to sleep on my couch, so hopefully I can yell at her through this and remedy the situation. Also if motion is detected and sound my Arlo alarm when I’m away. I’ve already got a 5 camera Arlo system watching outside and those cameras are about 200 bucks not to mention 10 dollars a month if I added a 6th, so this should do great on my budget.

(Brian Harding) #7

Can you elaborate a little bit more about how you are using IFTTT to get the camera to work with ST? I purchased two Mini O cameras. When I looked at the EZVIZ IFTTT it said it that IFTTT could work with ST but I could not figure out how to do that.


(Brian Harding) #8

I purchased two Mini Os for $35 each on Amazon and for the money they are pretty neat cameras. I am using mine to look through living room and bedroom windows to see what is going on outside.
If you keep looking at the Arlo site occasionally they will run a special on upgrading your subscription for $4.99/month. Last time I saw the notice, I upgraded.


(Scott S.) #9

I don’t have my camera yet, but looking through all the IFTTT recipes it looks like you cannot control when it actually records and I didn’t see any that triggered smartthings, but I did see one where motion triggered Hue’s which would be useful for me once I get more bulbs, but I do have a couple lamps that are Sonoff controlled, (I hacked the sonoff’s to work with ST) I’ll probably end up having the camera’s motion trigger IFTTT to trigger a Stringify flow to turn those lamps on and off with motion only at night. I really like Stringify, it’s almost as powerful as webcore and much more user friendly.

Oh and @hbr did you see the release of ArloPilot? I’m so happy, now I can control my custom modes with OK Google.

(Brian Harding) #10

Thanks, I hadn’t seen that yet. I’ll take a look at it. Be sure to keep a lookout for the Arlo subscription discounts.


(Scott S.) #11

I’ve seen it once through the app after my first week, I’ve not seen it since. I hope it comes up around my birthday, so I can use that as an excuse to get another camera. I’ve gotten hooked on all this home automation.

(Brian Harding) #12

BTW, it took me a while to figure out The EVIZ system and how to have live streaming on my PC. If you run into any problems let me know. I’m getting old and my memory isn’t as sharp as it once was, but I’ll try to help. LOL


(Joel W) #13

OK How do you get live streaming? I have a Mac, but I guess once you tell me how you did it on can figure it out. I don’t have the EZViz cloud, as I don’t want to pay for it.

(Brian Harding) #14

Their latest site since they were purchased by Hickvision is https://us.ezvizlife.com/. Login using your EZVIZ credentials and go to Support. Then go to Download Center. Scroll down to Other and download the Mac app,(Video PlugIn MAC Version). From there install it on your Mac.

I am not using a Mac - I am using the app on an iPhone 6 and a Windows 10 PC so I am not sure how to install the software on a Mac.

On this site, they have a pretty good FAQ section, plus I got a lot of information from reading the Questions and Reviews on Amazon.

Let me know how it works out.


(Joel W) #15

OK got it running on my Mac, it wouldn’t run in Firefox so I had to use Safari. Is there a way to pull the IP address, so I could see it in ActionTiles?

(Brian Harding) #16

I’m sure there is, but I am not technical enough to know how to retrieve that info.


(Joel W) #17

Thanks, maybe someone else will chime in with that answer.

(Brian Harding) #18

Over on the Arlo Community website I recommended that a user, vzoran, contact you on how to use the Arlo modes to arm/disarm his Arlo cameras while still being connected to Smartthings. I accidentally gave him your name as Scotttoya. He is using the post, "Arlo Pro 2 integration with smartthings and sharptools."
Please contact him and explain to him how you are setup.



Hi Brian, sorry just seeing this. What I found is that when most folks can’t get it to work with IFTTT or even Alexa to see it on the big screen is that they have image encryption ON. you must turn that off to work flawlessly

(Joel W) #20

I was able to get the IP address, and even the port that it uses, but I have e been unable to figure out the actual line needed to show it. I tried the same typ line that D-link uses, no luck. I tried external viewers, but they couldn’t find the camera. I used a line like this. http://192.168.xx.xx/video.cgi?&user=xxxxx&pwd=xxxxx but no luck there. I don’t know where to go from here.