Kodak Camera Experience?

I am interested in the Kodak IP camera (V20 and V15). What is your experience with these cameras?
Can you use the motion detection as a normal motion detector? ( to trigger lights or SHM alarm?).
Is there (nowadays/2017) any sort of integration with ST?


@happytoon- So overall I am very happy with the Kodak cameras. Cloud based recording for free is an awesome selling point. I was paying for an upgraded face recognition initially for movement detection but after having all my doors/windows wired for it was redundant notification… face recognition works great to cut down false alarms from shadows from sunlights/ car movement or pets. The i-secure app works great for live streaming the camera from anywhere you have a connection. Two way audio is also a cool feature that I have used to talk to my kids/ ask Alexa to order Amazon specials, lol. Having all your cameras and recordings in the same tool/app also a benefit… Now the downside- for the most part they are 100% standalone . No smartthings integration. They do integrate with IFTTT so cameras inside the house in “private” areas turn off recording when a smartphone is detected and recording turns on after you leave that perimeter. You can also create recipes to trigger other ST activities like see movement trigger alarms, lock doors, have sonos telling them you have clear pictures of their faces and the police have been called. Lol. Overall for me they do what I need them to do and the price and cloud recording is worth it… if I found a deal I would pick up a few more

@Old_school Thanks for your feedbacks. These camera do look pretty good indeed.
They even have a built-in WiFi extender, which will come handy in my house (3 floors).
A pitty they are not integrated in ST, but I will look at the IFTT part and see if I can deal with that instead…

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