Using Hikvision with ST?

I appreciate the question has been asked before and there is an official list of supported cameras but has anyone had much success with Hikvision cameras and the Ezwiz app connected to IFTTT

I have just been poking the proverbial bees nest and got a remote Hikvision camera to send a line crossing event to the Ezwiz app on my phone with alarm notification for confirmation of the event… IFTTT has a full Ezwiz applet that does indeed appear to play well with Hik cams and my phone also notified me that the IFTTT applet had run for the same event, so in theory if IFTTT was connected to a ST action Hik cams could successfully be used for outdoor work

Although to be perfectly honest I would only use the amalgamation to perhaps switch an outside light on IF movement is detected and alert sent to the phone

Cheers Rob, fully aware of BI. Something always gets overlooked though with any local PC recording… hard disks WILL die unless you install a purpose built HD for recording work, standard hard disks will work for a while but will fail if they are constantly saving. My personal pref is a stand alone NVR to match whichever cam is being used

I just wanted to throw out there the fact that EZwiz ( Hikvision ) allows for some integration into ST with IFTTT just incase anyone was desperate to get things working, the IFTTT is an option

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