Current state of blink integration? (March 2018)

Hi all,
I’m just getting started with ST.
I see all the hoopla from back in December about blink breaking the link to smartthings.
Is this still the case? I want to use those cameras but not if they 2ont work, or if there is a chance they do work but may be broken in the futre.
What’s the current word?


Personally, I think my blink cameras work fine even without the ST integration. Was it a little better before the integration was blocked? Sure. But you can still get a limited degree of integration between the two with IFTTT.

I wouldn’t bet on a direct integration between the two ever coming back.


Essentially, the camera portion will not work with SmartThings. Using IFTTT and some custom device handlers, you can arm/disarm and cause the motion detection to create a SmartThings event (which can then cause other actions to occur). You then use the Blink App to view the video.

If you already own Blink - this is a good compromise. If you do not own blink and video integration with SmartThings is essential, then you will have to look elsewhere.


Thanks a bunch Dave.
So, no that won’t work for me. I’m going to deploy STT in my own home and then do a couple of relatives that are techie ally challanged.
So what are the options that is easy to use?
Is my only option arlo, and needing to replace the batteries every couple of months?
Do the arlo even work well and without hiccups?
Is there a better option?

Thanks again

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What is it you want to do with your cameras and SmartThings?

Basic stuff like live feeds so I can check in on people or pets. Thats all.
Id like to view it through ST app though instead of opening another app.
Trying to make it simple as possible.

SmartThings isn’t that great for that particular use.

But if you want to try to keep it simple, might as well use a camera that’s on the official works with SmartThings list.

Sorry for keeping the questions going but that latest response has me puzzled.
Why wouldn’t smartthings be great for that application?
Thats actually the most basic way to use a camera, nothing fancy.

If that isnt the best way to use those4 cameras then what is the best way?

Im currently looking at Wink also, wondering the differences.

SmartThings just isn’t great with cameras for viewing purposes within the app.

Some people have various ways of integrating camera events with ST events, in one direction or the other. For example a camera motion event causes a light to turn on. Or the Smart Home Monitor status arming/disarming the camera’s motion detection.

But the mobile app does a generally poor job of streaming camera feeds or viewing recordings.

Shoot, That’s not good.
When you say its not great, what does that mean? I dont need great i just need it to be, nothing fancy.
Does it freeze or not load? Does it buffer frames?
I just need it so that if someone opens it up it will stream.
Still no good?

Also what about the rind 2 door cam?
Does that not stream well?
Does it integrate well?

Again thanks for the answers, you’ve helped a great deal and possibly saved me some headaches. Id still like to use this platform if I can find workarounds.

While im at it, does the ecobee3 lite work seamlessly?
Im thinking of integrating these with ST and amazon echo.

So, im searching the web and see lots of posts people having trouble with this.
I found this post on the netgear community where ‘Brian’ is eluding that arlo can be set up to work properly.
Question is has anyone here tried his ideas?
Im just looking to make sure there is no hope for these things before I move on.

Secondary, do the nest cams work with smartthings?
What about a regular IP camera?

I’m using Nest Cams via NST Manager custom DH, to turn my cameras on or off based on different conditions, but like @marktheknife said ST isn’t good for viewing cameras. Due to limitations on ST of things it’s better to view Nest Cams in the native Nest app.

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Thanks Riighthand,
Yeah I’ve been reading all day and I’ve sadly come to realize what you’re saying is true.
So, I’m going to have to use 2 apps, which leads me to a new dikemma.
Since I want to use smartthings, and also interior cameras and also a doorbell I settle on 2 apps but I don’t want 3. The 2nd app I want to view the cameras and the doorbell, which means it has to be from same manufacturer.
I want a wireless doorbell, not wired. That leaves out nest cams because the doorbell must be wired.
I was looking at ring, but their cameras are big and fugly.
Blink would be grewt, except their doorbell isn’t released yet.
I’m stuck at this point on what to do.

Can anyone enlighten me as to if the ring 2 works well within ST without any additional handlers or anything else?
Do you lose any functionality by using the st things app with ring than using its own app?
Is it just as fast, or slower?

Yes it does. I have mine set-up and works just fine