Z-Wave Cameras

I’m looking to integrate a video camera into the system. I’d ideally like to take a picture and email when someone is at the front door during certain modes and take a video and store it on a HD somewhere.

I’ve searched several feeds in regards to cameras but most of them seem to be from August (or earlier) and require some sort of “hack” or security hole to get them to work. I’m curious if anyone has gotten a video camera to work and / or if ST is adding more robust integration.

@craig there are no Z-Wave camera’s but right now Dropcam and Foscam are just about done.

@urman: Any pointers on how to setup the Dropcam as a device? Looks like there are three different Dropcam device handlers and none of them seem to work for me.

@Florianz right now its in Private beta right now. You could email support@smartthings.com to see if you can still get in it!

Looking forward to the Foscam support!!

@urman Thanks. Is just about done mean next month or next year? I work in the software business and I know how we use that term :slight_smile:

@craig luckily next month is next year :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say next month. We’re for the most part just wrapping up some issues with Dropcam and how they would like us to store some stuff.

@urman you got me there :slight_smile:

How about foscam integration? I really like the dropcam but unfortunately what I really want is a way to monitor my front porch. Alert me when people have arrived, see who / what is at the front door, record activity during certain modes (like not home or at night). I believe the dropcam is only for indoor use and isn’t currently selling an outdoor dome (or protection). I wouldn’t normally mind rigging something up but considering that it’s on the front of the home, both my neighbors (and HOA) would most likely appreciate a professional look (something my “rigging” usually doesn’t provide)!

@craig there is a hacked together version of foscam right no, but you need to punch a hole in your firewall and keep a port open.

Local LAN connectivity is in the 1-2 months range for finishing.

We’re looking for a similar solution in our house: is this yet possible? Do Dropcam or Foscam (or anyone else?) work on Zwaves yet or is it all Wifi?


It’s very unlikely that you’ll ever see streaming audio or video, or for that matter still video, distributed over a mesh network like Z wave or Zigbee. Those networks are intended for low traffic with very small message packets, and the messages are allowed to bounce around the network and consequently may not arrive in the exact order that they were sent. This is why almost all video applications are done over Wi-Fi or ethernet or point-to-point Bluetooth. Those networks use a different messaging protocol which is very appropriate for large messages, much busier traffic, and can enforce sequencing.

All of that said, one of the points of the smartthings vision is that it can support multiple protocols. It currently allows for the access of some Internet services. This is how the IFTTT channel works for example, but also weather.

The camera itself does not have to communicate by zwave. There just has to be a way for it to exchange command level information with the hub, even if this is cloud to cloud messaging. Then you would need some way of making a Wi-Fi connection displayed on the monitoring device you want to use.

there are several systems under $2,000 that mix together wi-Fi cameras with home automation hubs that also control zwave and/or zigbee devices like motion sensors or contact sensors. Many of smartthings competitors do. Two of the most popular camera brands for this purpose are dropcam and foscam, as you noted.

So the real question isn’t finding a Z wave camera. Most likely the camera will always stream video over Wi-Fi. The real question is when smartthings will provide integration with at least one of the popular Wi-Fi cameras.

Reportedly they are working on some integration, but it may need to wait for the version 2 hub. And no scheduled delivery date as of yet.

If you search the forums for camera or a particular camera brand, you will find many discussions of how people are currently using them and what they hope for in the future. :blush: