Arlo instead of Blink?

Hey guys,

I currently am running the Blink cameras in my setup. They work pretty well but the Arlo cameras seen to be a more premium system. Also it looks like the integration seems to work better with Smart things based on posts I’ve read. Any input on wether or not I should swap the two systems out?

I tried Arlo integration when it’s first released. It was badly implemented imo, it gave me very limited flexibility on how I’d like to control the cameras and the batteries drained very quickly, so I removed them from ST and have been using IFTTT on the Arlo in stead. I haven’t been paying attention on if/how the ST integration has changed, if things has improved I’d like to know.

I don’t know much about Blink, but if the integration is worse than Arlo’s it must be really bad…

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You might want to have a read through this. Some very recent discussion on Blink vs Arlo (with some PoE thrown in for good measure).

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Do read that post that @etoimos mentioned. Pretty good discussion in there about the cameras. Some of us switched from blink to arlo and others have gone the other way. I tried blink and was very disappointed and moved to the Arlo pros. It seems a lot of the complaints people had about the Arlo cameras were fixed by the Pro models. I’ve been very happy the integration works pretty well for what I do, but I think it will depend somewhat on what you’re trying to achieve. Luckily there a good group of people work both you can leverage to ask questions.

What Nate says is true. It all depends on your personal preference. I use my Arlos indoors and it works well for me. Front door and backdoor I have Ring Pro and Ring. Around my house I have EZVIZ 4 cameras/DVR integrated with IFTTT. I have the Arlos a year now and changed the batteries after 6months