Extra / Phantom Home Location created by new SmartThings app, Why?

Others have talked about it, but does anyone know exactly why the new SmartThings app created another location called Home?

It appears that you could delete it in IDE, has anyone done that, has it caused a problem?

I have the new app installed, but i have been patient and as instructed, I have not used the new app to do anything, but I do look at it often to see what’s going on. I have added a few new devices using the old app lately, and I see the new devices do automatically populate into the new app also. I see my automations are all copied over into the new app. So now I presume that SmartThings will eventually copy of the rest of my devices,

But back to my main question, WHY this extra Home location, and what are the plans for it. We can all speculate, but it would be nice if SmartThings/Samsung would provide some information directly about it.

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Thank you. I do have two hubs, one each at two locations ( our house and Mom’s).
The phantom Home shows as True, the two real locations show false.

Does one only have one default location? Do I only set my house as true for default location? Or both my house and Mom’s house?

That is “using it” in the context of the warnings. Just installing it and opening it causes things to happen on the backend which then can cause weird stuff to happen with your account. Like the extra location being added.

Being patient means don’t install it, and definitely don’t open it, until you are specifically told to do so by support.

“Using it” Doesn’t mean “don’t set up rules with it.” It literally means don’t put that app on your phone unless you absolutely have to.

It’s a Samsung Galaxy so it was already there. Who can resist clicking it when it’s there! ! !

And I just experimented and answered my new question. Looks like only one “true” at a time.

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True, it was a very strange rollout. “We’ve preloaded it, but don’t use it yet.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes , like a wet paint sign! ! ! ! You know you have to touch it! ! ! !

Well I deleted “Home” , all seems to be OK.

One thing though, my two real locations had names already, neither of which was “Home”. Now that I deleted the phantom “Home”, my “true” default location got renamed as “Home” automatically, but only in the new app. In IDE and on the old app, my assigned name still shows. I will just leave that alone right now, less annoying than having the third phantom app.

And, I see the IDE site got a little cosmetic makeover, looks cool.

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Added two GE Link Bulbs yesterday. They work fine in the old app, the automation set up using the old app works fine, they work fine in Action Tiles and in Home Remote, but in the new app they are stuck on showing as ON, and when you click them the error that pops up is “Cannot Connect To Device Check Device And Try Again”

Pfff, You know things!

Completely new at Smartthings.
But this community is really nice.


I am still unable to delete the phantom “Home” location.Error
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Sun Jun 09 13:12:41 UTC 2019