2 Locations in IDE/ Smarthings App

I am not able to delete a home location in the IDE - i have 2 somehow 1 had 1 device in which i have deleted and is not doing anything

when i click delete i ge this message

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!


500: Internal Server Error



Reference Id



Fri Jan 18 09:22:44 UTC 2019

any ideas how to remove the location that i dont ned


Did you create your original location with the old classic app and before the Samsung account migration?

If so then I had the same issue myself. The first time I used there new app it created an additional default location. I guess it just looks to see if a location has been created by the new app / Samsung account and does not see the original default location when it does this. Ideally you use the IDE to make this new location non-default, but I suspect like me you can’t do this and both show as default. In this case you need to raise a support case and ask them to remove it.

jkp - option 2 set option to false in incognito mode worked

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