Everything is down? (Major Cloud outage affecting different accounts differently) April 13-14 2017

Completely jacked up. Has been since the firmware update. Open close sensors especially but now some of my motions. Des Moines, IA.

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Not only is everything down, I’m having random things activate. Lights are randomly turning on, vents are turning on/off randomly, and even my garage door opened randomly at 10PM.

Alarms going off, sensors not working, arrival sensor not working, outlets not being found and motion sensors detecting motion when there is no motion. bloody nightmare

That’s concerning…I might have to pull the batteries out of my 2 entry doors, just to make he feel better

Another New Jersey hub. Nothing responding through the app or web or Alexa.

I forgot how to turn things on and off manually…


my doors are locking and unlocking constantly…

This is why, as others, I have never setup a HA alarm system…I don’t feel comfortable with cloud based controls for that. Has to be a local processor.

Almost everything is down for me as well. How am I going to take a shower?

I’m using SimpliSafe for an alarm. Local control via control pad plus an online app which is convenient but not necessary.

Dead as a stump here. Hub is sitting here with a green light, yet nothing is working, not even local devices. The status page is BS. It’s not just scheduled events, its everything that’s down. Would be helpful if they could at least post a meaningful status.

Seems like everything just came back in control for me. I’m putting the house in manual mode overnight, so no surprises…my safety net

lol i thought it was just me… came home to a dark house with alarm still activated

get your sh!t together samsung before i sell everything and move to another ecosystem

Okay Google, turn on family room lights.
Sure thing, turning on 2 lights.
Um, Google… it’s still dark.

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Looking better now.

A hub with almost entirely locally run automations cannot come soon enough.

Whadya say, @posborne?

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I seem to be back online. Now I can go to bed with the lights off.

I couldn’t agree more. I have been looking at OpenHab but the lack of zigbee integration is a major issue for me. It’s also a pain to configure.

Agree completely. Over the course of computer history, we’ve gone from mainframes to local processing and back to mainframes (cloud). I see very little value in cloud services overall and this is one of those reasons why.

A little inconvenience for a few hours and people threatening to leave. Smh.

That’s a little short sighted when things like @sgr215 's garage opens without warning late at night.