Smartthings down? (April 10, 2018)

Just got a pop up saying my hub is down.

Anyone got the link to check Smartthings servers?

Got the same notice - but the status page shows everything OK as of right now

Same notice here…

The ‘status’ page is a manual page, remember that. They have to go into it and make a change to it, like any ol blog or such…

Same here. Blame me. Was thinking this morning there hadn’t been any issues in a while…

Although interestingly enough I can control devices that are hooked up to Google Assistant and via Homebridge to Homekit…

Yeah same here - first the app started acting funny, kicked me out and started giving pw errors. Now hub says its offline.

Got the same message. Most of my devices on showing up “unavailable” in the android app, but app does at least load.

Happy to know it<s not just me then

Who do we notify about this issue?

Support. Mine is fine though :man_shrugging:

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LOL my spectrum internet has been bouncing up and down for the past 4 hours. What a mess!

i am in the same boat. Got notification that hub was offline. The app opens up. Some items are unavailable. and some are fine.

Add me to the semi-weekly its down crowd.

We had a temporary spike in Hubs going offline for some North American users and we are looking into the root cause.


We are still working on a root cause but I do want to call out that Hubs did remain online during this time.

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Was also happening across the pond aswell. Mine has done it a few times, popped up saying it’s gone offline but I don’t think it has actually gone offline at all.

Guys, your hub was updated with the latest firmware, that’s was cause the “down time”

nope the update is tomorrow (at least for me)

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I’m not having login issues, but all my routines stopped as of last night and are not firing now.

I had the offline notification as well.

On another note, what process do I go through to get a data issue fixed with my account?

I have a scene that I can’t delete in the app and trying to view it in the developer ide by clicking “List Scenes”
returns an error. Not seeing a way to address it from my end.

“An error occurred fetching scenes for this location”

Contact support via email, chat, or phone and they’ll be happy to help you out!