Everything down

Nothing in the cloud responding and app also just spinning?

Several threads on this. Start a support ticket.

Can’t start a support ticket app not working

They just posted an ‘Investigating’ email.

Here we go again… :cry:

North American Outage


Investigating - Some North American users may be experiencing issues with device control, loading the mobile app, and SmartApp execution at this time. The engineering team is working on the issue and we will provide an update shortly.

Dec 10, 22:58 EST

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You can submit a ticket through the website, similar to how you’re posting here. Lol

You can submit a new ticket via web

Yep, down for me here in Northern California. I did submit a ticket, although it sounds like this is big enough of an issue where there are probably tons of tickets by now.

The odd thing is I couldn’t even load the IDE on a browser, just came back a blank screen. So clearly something is not right in the ST world.

Hopefully this will be fix soon.

I’m completely down too in Northern CA.

You can just email support@smartthings.com too to open a ticket.

Allllll better now…

not working at all…

Maybe it was the coffee machine for us USAsians… :grinning:

Routines are failing, had the earlier Zigbee issue with motion sensors triggering (seems mostly okay now). Smart Apps not working or seriously delayed - even normally reliable things like the closet light/motion sensor failed this morning. This is way more than usual.

What is going on? My wife is getting sick of this which is a bad sign.

my leave and return home automations not working at all


Go buy another Hub it’s 50 bucks… Hell I will buy you one just to not hear you whine about absolutely nothing . Come on MAN … Talk about a real PROBLEM .

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Having the same issue today.

Alex The failure… are you really that slow or just that stupid ?.. The guy that got that complained about that was wanting people to start a protest over a $50.00 hub not for agreeing with someone about his automations not firing …MAN you need a life dude

ohh and for everyone else I did put in a trouble report for the issue .