SmartThings and Alexa having problems today

Not only am I getting the devices delayed, or offline but still working in the app and ActionTiles, now Alexa either says “I am having trouble understanding that” or “I am having problems try again later”. I am in the North East and we are in the middle of a Northeaster.

Just Alexa having issues here, ST seems to be working fine.

The problem with SmartThings is on going since the big outage a few weeks ago. Z-Wave devices go offline, but work. Then Zigbee devices, one or two do the same, they all come back on their own. Then the WiFi devices say not reporting events, or go offline, but working. On the IDE they show offline but work and so do the automation’s for those devices. Real strange.


Amazon Echoes are definitely having issues today. I have (1) Echo Show, (1) Echo, and 6) Echo Dots. They are all having issues. SmartThings is otherwise humming along for me.

Around noon today, there was a lot more reported issues. But it seems to be getting better. Check for current status at Also, take a look at the outage map to see if your area was affected too. This one was pretty widespread.

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It wasn’t just echo: my fire TV also displayed an error message “cannot reach our servers.” Nothing to do with SmartThings in this particular case, but for me, at least, it resolved in under an hour and is working fine again now.

Nest appears to be down also. Nest app does not load and appears down.

Followup… must be an isp issue here. I can not access nor

LOL and now my hub is offline :frowning:

Sounds like an overall AWS issue.

Yes it was reported many large companies that depend on AWS are out.

My SmartThings hub keeps going offline, and now I cannot event access to reboot it…

Oops…my company is one of those on AWS. Not going to have happy customers.

Darn, there goes Netflix!


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Appears Charter is suffering a huge outage.

I am not sure if they use AWS, but here in NJ, there is a huge Northeaster playing havoc with just about everything.

AWS status page is showing everything is normal with their services.

I’m online again. One door sensor that was closed was showing open (opened and shut door and it was back to normal), and all else looks normal and appears to be working.