Everything gone under samsung account?

I don’t know if anyone else had this problem but now that Smarthings require you to make a samsung account and under the new account all my stuff, my hub, routines and smartapps and things are missing. Is this expected?? Are you supposed to reset the entire system? They ask me to input the hub code, which turns up as invalid. I hate making samsung account to begin with but now this is terrible. I was thinking of replacing my aging v1 hub but perhaps I should look for something entirely different… :frowning:

Are you logging on to the correct shard?
In the ide, click on locations.
Then click on Home.
Scroll down and now click on Smartapps or devices and does this now show the correct information.
Look in the address bar if it does and make a note of the shard/url for future reference.
Mine is graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com as I’m in the UK.
There are 4 I believe.

It says I have no hub nor any devices in my IDE page. Everything is literally gone, it seems.

Any of these links work for you?
Local SmartApps:
US: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/

US: https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/
UK: https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/

Click on locations then home.

It seems that they deleted my account by mistake. I logged in using my wife’s account and everything’s still there. I’m contacting the tech support. Thanks for your help!

Phew! As everything hasn’t been wiped you should be OK then. :grinning:

That’s what I thought was strange. I was logged out on my app and trying to log in using may email took me to the samsung account page.

I’m having similar issues, I tried connecting my New Samsung 75 tv and Family Hub fridge to smartthings. I kept getting error messages. I contact support who said the tv and fridge were too new to connect to smartthings (Aug '17). So i gave up and just used samsung connect. Today I logged into my samsung account on smartthings instead of smartthings account and my tv and fridge were there! Of course my 100 other things weren’t there since they’re on my smartthings account. (same email for both samsung and smartthings accounts). I hit up support again with the new info who said I could just remove them and re add them to my smartthings account. They even removed the devices for me. So i logged into the samsung account in smartthings app, and the device were gone, also opened samsung connect app on another phone to verify the devices weren’t added there still, and they weren’t.

Shockingly, I can’t add either device still to smartthings, under my smartthings login. This just feels like a mess.

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Here is my experience:
I opened the following incident with Smartthings:

I have a Smartthings account that I’ve being using for a while, now I bought a Samsung TV and I had to create a Samsung account. I have now both on the same email and I can’t have my Smartthings HUB added to my samsung connect app, I believe we have to merge the accounts.

Their Reply:

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to support.

Very sorry for the confusion on SmartThings and Samsung accounts.

We are working on an account migration, but that is a highly complex and very challenging to get right…the first time. Therefore we are taking great strides in making sure the account migration gets completed with very very few issues.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate a Hub and devices from a SmartThings account over to a Samsung account. However, if you wanted to start over, and reset the Hub and devices, and then add the Hub and devices back into the Samsung Connect App, then you would have effectively moved the Hub and devices from the SmartThings account over to the Samsung account, and form the SmartThings App over to the Samsung App.

You are at cross roads…and have 3 choices.

1-You can wait for the account migration to take place and then explore the options you have at that point. I can not say if your specific issue will be resolved or not, as the details of the account migration are still being figured out. But we are supposed to begin this account migration by the end of this year. However, this is subject to change without warning, and is subject to being pushed back.

2-Remove the Hub from the SmartThings account and from the SmartThings App, factory reset the Hub, and then add it back into the Samsung Connect App. Which would force you to reset all devices, and join them back to the Hub again? As well as all automations would also have to be recreated. Essentially it would be like starting over. SmartThings App, and Samsung App are different Apps, and you can not have the same Hub added to both Apps at the same time. Therefore you have to choose which App you want to use the HUb and devices with, as it is not designed to do both.

3- Do nothing and continue to use SmartThinsg as you always have. There is no compelling reason (that I can see) to move your Hub over to the Samsung Connect App at this time.

If you do want to move your SmartThings Hub over to the Samsung Connect App, please click HERE for instructions on how to factory reset the SmartThings Hub. But I must warn you, not all the devices that are supported in SmartThinsg App, will be supported in the Samsung Connect App. You will have to refer to the catalog in the Samsung Connect App to see all the different devices that are supported in the Samsung Connect App. Please click HERE for our support guide on how to add the SmartThings Hub into the Samsung Connect App.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Alex Lesniak
SmartThings Support

I did some wonky location sharing that enabled my samsung connect location in smartthings. So using webcore I think I can automate them together until the migration.