Share hub with additional user question

I am trying to share my hub with a family member and understand the invitation part.
However, when the family member logs into the SmartThings app it is requiring them to enter a hub code to setup their account.
Do I use my hub’s code? If I do this will the hub deregister from my account and get solely linked to the new family member?

I can’t find a way to get around this.


So you definitely sent an invitation right? And are on the latest version of the App? SmartThings may need a little time for their system to update; otherwise this sounds like a bug. Contact for best results.

(BTW: For secure granular, dashboard “things-specific” Sharing of your SmartThings view and control, please give ActionTiles a try. It’s a great option if you don’t want to give up full control off add/remove, SmartApps, etc.).

What should be the behavior at this point? I don’t have another hub for the family member to register.

I had friend home recently and I can only agree that this everything but friendly to add someone.

  1. Go to your phone smartthings app
  2. Go to My account --> Manage Users–> Add users, fill the email.

Once your friend receives the email from SmartThings, the fun starts…
3…Click the email "accept the invitation"
4. Create a new account and now they are all Samsung Accounts
5. Agree terms/conditions

This brings you to the Smartthings homepage which you don’t need to do anything with.

On your friend phone:
6. install Smartthings app
7. Choose "I’m a smartthings user"
8. Enter the email you used to create the Samsung account and the password.

Then you are done.

I just did it right now to make sure nothing changed and now I am logged in my smartphone Smarthings App under the new login I created. It didn’t ask any code.

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You can’t deregister your Hub that way though it sounds like the invitation didn’t go through or the shared user is signing in with a different email than you shared with.

If you reach you out to support, they can help you sort it out.

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Ok, a little more detail now that I have the family member’s phone in front of me …

Invitation was sent successfully and user received email.
User has a Samsung S8 and previously created a “Samsung account” on it.
After user has downloaded the SmartThings Mobile app, I tried to select “New to SmartThings” and attempted to create a new account.
SmartThings states that the user’s email is already in use, so I can’t use this method.
I also tried selecting “I’m a SmartThings User”.
When I input the user’s email address, SmartThings states that the user is already signed in to Samsung with an account (same email address), to proceed with this user hit continue.
If you hit continue, I prompts for a SmartThings hub code.

It appears that the “Samsung” account is conflicting with the “SmartThings” account on the phone.

I just found this related forum post as well …

I guess I’ll need to start over with my hub to clear this up?

No. Get SmartThings support to help you. I got a similar issue with my friend the first time but not when I made a test yesterday before posting the howto.
I think the process failed when you selected “I am New to Smartthings” which somehow created something wrong.
I had indicated in my previous post: 7. Choose “I’m a smartthings user”

Good luck

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