Event log flooded with "devicetype:04...." messages after firmware upgrade

And the vendor and other valuable intelligence for those who know how to use it…

It’s increasingly clear to everyone that you have a massive chip on your shoulder about SmartThings/Samsung and you use every opportunity in many threads to make sure people know At some point you have to just cut your losses and move on if you’re so aggravated by it all, no matter how much you say you aren’t anti-ST.

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I consider your post a personal attack, which is in violation of the ToU policy, and going to flag it as inappropriate. Have a nice day.

You’re free to your opinion, I’m not trying to attack you, only pointing out what is increasingly becoming obvious and could also potentially be seen as an attack on the community itself.


Wow, we digressed guys! All I wanted to do was to see if anyone else was getting the same events (and how quick support got back to me!).


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The ‘Jonas’ brothers here, and the storm didn’t even kick in yet!

I consider your statement a personal attack calling for dissection of helpless fruit! Some of my best friends have apples!

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I wither before your logic. Well played.

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This community and forum are about sharing! And not only opinions, because everyone can form their own, but apps and solutions to improve ST. If you look around, @geko did a lot for this community, just like many other bright developers. I know you want to defend the undefendable, but if anyone is to cut his/her losses, I would hope @geko will not be the one!

Just a few reminders for your viewing pleasure


Of this I am fully aware, I’ve even paid compliments to that effect to Geko previously but it has gotten to the point that now he does nothing for the community except drag it down and take every opportunity on every thread to trash SmartThings and Samsung.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with constructive criticism/complaints but this isn’t what is happening anymore, it’s out right negativity, even himself attacking various members of ST staff implying they’re sell outs and his past does not excuse him from his behavior in the present.

He flags one of my posts because he was “offended” when I said he had a chip on his shoulder, which isn’t actually offensive at all but then calls me a fool in another thread. Any respect I had for him in the past has been completely diminished all by his own doing.

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Perhaps it’s time to leave each other alone? Or at least take it to PMs?



While I appreciate all the passion, everyone is entitled to their opinions and allowed to have a voice on this community. I do however have a “be nice” policy. No matter which side of the argument you fall on you can have a constructive conversation with each other. :smile:

I will close this thread if the conversation doesn’t become constructive.

To lighten the mood a little bit, I am adding a funny gif. Enjoy :smile:

This offends me. I may switch to Wink over this GIF.

@JDRoberts @geko @slagle @Benji,

Hey guys, I’ve stopped getting these messages after my hub and router rebooted (and everything else) due a power outage related to the ice/snow we’re getting in NC today. Not sure what would have stopped the messages, but I’m back to nice and normal ping messages.

Still Getting them, but not as often. For the same 4 Mac addresses. Got about 10 in the last half an hour but in bunches. Went as long as 12 minutes without one.

I removed my http devices (wemo switches) and the device 04 errors stopped. If I re-add them it shows the errors so it is definitely related to pairing http devices. I think the error comes along with the fact that the wemo won’t update it’s status. Just a guess…

Nope, not so much. The 04 messages have come back even with my Wemo’s removed. The MAC addresses don’t match with the Wemo’s either and I haven’t gone through my home network comparing yet but it also hasn’t caused the massive slowdown that I was experiencing before… So like they said, if it is just a discovery and connection extension issue that may be good in the long run. Just odd to see it in the log with no correlation or explanation.

I have two devices giving that log entry. I have two IP devices. One is my garage door opener the other WAS my nest thermostat. I have since removed the thermostat and am only getting one 04 entry in my log.