Error when adding sensibo to smartthings

Photos are for error reference. (Different error code everytime.


Iv this pops up after i try to login to sensibo via smartthings pop up browser for auth.

Seems to cache aswell as even after delinking the service sensibo i get same errors without even logging in. Only solution i could figure out was to download a new browser and set it as default to start fresh but this seems to happen over and over

Sensibo is working perfectly in its own app
No other smartthings issues
Tried uninstalling all apps and restarting phone incase some csching issue from that end. Cant figure out what to try next

What browser are you using? I remember having problems with account linking some time ago, but right after I changed my default browser to firefox everything has worked great since then.

Yhh iv tried a few browsers bow same issue
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When i go to linked services it says disconnected. When i try to sign in i get this

Have you resolved this issue?

No not yet