SmartThings Android app: Sign in goes to "Browser not supported'

I just got a new Samsung range, so downloaded the SmartThings Android app for the first time (Google Pixel 6, Verizon, Android 13, latest patches and software updates as of 2023-03-14).

I open Smartthings, click “Sign in” which opens a link in Chrome (110.0.5481.153) that looks like: random-looking characters…&mode=C

… but in Chrome, I get:

Browser not supported

Samsung account can only be used with the following browsers:
- Samsung Internet
- Chrome
- Firefox
- QQ Browser...


I even tried downloading the Samsung Internet Browser and copy-pasting the URL into it and … I got the same error there! And I tried in Firefox and got it there also.

I do IT support for a living, so I’m no newb, but I can’t think of anything to do. Samsung support was no help, just pointed me at a howto for the app that is silent about signing in. I don’t find any other info anywhere so I’m wondering if I’m some sort of unicorn with this problem. Anyone else seeing it? Any ideas about something to allow in Chrome (maybe cross-site cookies or something)?

I’ve also retried with turning off every security feature in Android Chrome, allowing redirecsts and pop-ups, clearing all data (cookies, etc.) from any sites, all to no avail.

I am running SmartThings on a Pixel 6a, with Android 13 and don’t have any problems. I use Google Chrome most of the time.

Have you tried rebooting your phone?

Sure did. No help there either. This is very odd.

I solved it… installed Microsoft Edge browser (got the hint by on my Mac doing curl -v {that long url} – it’s a unix geek thing) and seeing something about testing for Microsoft Edge. So I installed Edge on my phone, made it my default browser, and succeeded to login.


I just realized what the real likely culprit was – when I was installing Edge, I changed my default browser. In my haste, I didn’t even stop to think that it was set to Avast Mobile Security (which basically checks things and then passes 'em straight through to Chrome). It may have stripped off part of the URL on its way through to Chrome (and when I tried the other browsers, I was copy-pasting the URL from Chrome).

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You should mark this as the solution.

I created this account to say thankyou, I could kiss the OP. I have just spent 2 days trying to pair my galaxy watch 5 with the pixel fold and every browser I tried gave me the incompatible browser message when trying to add my samsung account. I almost fainted when microsoft edge actually worked. Samsung really need to fix this, the fact even their own browser doesn’t work is an absolute joke

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Well, thanks! But you’d have to buy me a beer first. I’m easy but I’m not cheap. :smiley:

(seriously, glad someone else could benefit from my pain).