Sensibo Smartthings not sync

Anyone is using sensibo? I add the sensibo to smartthings via the connect with app. All sensibo appear on my smartthings and can control via my smartthings. The issue is when i control the sensibo via the sensibo app , etc off and on, the sensibo in smartthings does not sync with the sensibo app. I have to manually refresh the sensibo in smartthings and in order to sync the status. i have automation checking if the AC is on/off and because of this, the automation dont work if it does not sync. Any idea how do i troubleshoot and resolve this?

I was previously using the sensibo goovy connection to smartthings and it work well and i have removed it due to the coming changes. Please help

Did you ever manage to solve this problem? If not, how do you refresh sensibo in smartthings manually?

@sonikky cannot solve. Sensibo said they not able to help. Do not purchase their products anymore if u want to use with smartthings