Error on connecting Smart Things to Smart Life

Hi everyone!

Whenever I try to connect my Smart Life app to Smart Thing, it won’t transfer my devices. I tried changing the Smart Life password, as suggested in a resolved post, tried to add something by qr code just to update the app (also as suggest), and tried adding It by proximity, but it still doesn’t work. Does someone know how to do It?

are you unable to authenticate to Smart Life or able to authenticate to Smart Life but devices you have are not imported?

Only a few smart life compatible devices are eligible for transfer to SmartThings. You have to look at each device in the Smart life app to see if it has a SmartThings option. Most of them will not.

If it’s an on/off device, many people use “tap to run“ scenes created in the Smart Life app as an alternative way of getting integration.

Here’s an FAQ explaining that method:

FAQ: How does TuyaSmart Integration work? [Updated 2023]

If your devices are Zigbee sensors, you might be able to use the matter over bridge method, but so far that only works with a few models.


What are the specific brand/model devices you were hoping to bring over? :thinking: