Tuya / Smart Life in Linked Services, but as 'Disconnected'?

Hi Everyone.

Reading through the different posts, I find that I’m not the only having issues with getting SmartThings to play nice with Tuya/Smart Life. My problem though, seems different to what’s been discussed thus far.

  • Am using Smart Life, but added in Partner Devices as Tuya Smart (per other posts’ advice).
  • After signing into Tuya and authorizing it into ST, ST just sends me back to the same initial page for linking Tuya again.
  • Tuya Smart is showing in ST’s Linked Services, but as Disconnected requiring sign in. Multiple sign ins and similar authorizations later, no change to this.
  • Two devices (light switch and wall socket) in Smart Life that supports ST, under Third-Party Control along with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Some post said try changing my Tuya password, did that and still nothing.
  • Another post suggested to create Scenes which might show up in ST, that didnt work either.

Can anyone suggest anything else for ST to connect with Tuya/Smart Life?
Many thanks in advance.

If this is not working with the Tuya integration try the SmartLife integration or one of the many other Tuya platform integrations (Globe, Gosund, geeni, Bardi, etc.) available in SmartThings.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll test and see if they work for my devices.

I resolved mine by utilizing the SmartLife link to Alexa. I set it up for voice command years ago. I’d forgotten all about that…. but the one place where I’m using the SmartLife outlet really does not require Smartthings integration. It’s a three-puck touch dimmer light, and the only integration needed is:

a) have it turn off by voice command, and

b) have the outlet immediately turn back on, so that the next time someone wants to use the touch dimmer to turn it on it will function.

Alexa did not yet have routines when I first set that up. It has routines now, so Smartthings need not be involved in that particular lighting automation anymore.