Trying to link Smart Life and Smartthings accounts

I just successfully create Smart Life account (I can log in and out), I have had Smartthings for years (with many devices). Now – I’m trying to link the two account BECAUSE the newer Lumary Ultra thin canless WIFI lights work and install in Smart Life but not in Smart things. My research indicated that the accounts can be LINKED and the lights shared (however I keep receiving an error (password or UsrID) but I can successful log into BOTH accounts — I lost here. HELP

I have not been able to link them for over a year, neither devices nor scenes. Other similar aplicaciones like eWelink (Sonoff) links perfectly both devices and scenes.

Go to add device in Smartthings, pick by brand, then select Tuya (not Smart Life). You can leave the devices in the Smart Life App. For some unknown reason the Tuya integration seems to work better than the Smart Life integration.

I tried Tuya fairly recently and, true it found my scenes, but unfortunately they wouldn’t run in a ST routine.
If you use Alexa then trigger a routine there and then Alexa will run the Smartlife scenes.

Ok, now that you are linked you need to do a couple things.

  1. Go to each Tuya scene in ST and it might say connected on the tile. If it does turn the switch on and off and that should wake it up so that it says on or off.

  2. I usually create a virtual switch in ST for each Tuya device and then create 2 routines in ST to operate the ON and OFF scenes. The important thing is to toggle (turn on or turn off) the scenes. See below:


OK, I understand it needs a bit more effort. That’s interesting, I’ll it give another try. Good contribution :+1:

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