Eight Sleep Smart Mattress Cover (formerly called Luna Sleep)

Came across this today: Luna Smart Mattress Cover

Smart mattress cover that tracks your sleep, automatically sets your alarm, turns off lights and locks the doors when you go to sleep and adjusts the temperature of your mattress. They’re showing integrations with other devices like Nest and Lockitron so maybe it will have built in z-wave or zigbee. Should be interesting.

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It’s powered by spark, so it’s most probably WiFi. They are running wires all over the cover, I wonder it’ll be comfortable at all.

Once upon a time, there was a switch which we flicked up and down to turn on and off devices. Pretty simple!!! Aah! The good old days growing up! :wink:


I’m in for one. I may have a problem. :smile:

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It says in the specs that IFTTT is supported so you should be able to use that to trigger actions, mode changes, whatever.

I sent them an email asking about smartthings integration, response from their support was:

“SmartThing is high priority in the list of products we want to integrate, in the meanwhile you can already connect Luna to SmartThings products using our IFTTT integration.”


I was on the fence about this product as it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. The feature that really sold it for me is the adjustable heat zones. My wife is just never as warm as me and this should help alleviate a lot of problems.

Also I decided to back it after I got an email this morning offering it for a ‘VIP Price’ of $169 USD. If anyone is interested let me know and I can forward the email. Might as well save $30!


do you think what I am thinking? They will deliver it via drone for 3900$? check the link above|

I’m interested in the discount. If you wouldn’t mind, can you send it my way? pleaseandthankyou@mailinator.com

Does anybody own one of these and does it actually work? This way I don’t have to argue every night with missus that the down comforter is horrible and too darn warm and makes me sweat…

They are prototyping now. Sales in March, shipping in August (according to their site).

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I would be interested too :smile:
please send to alexander.wicklein@gmail.com

I’m interested. This would go perfect with a new Casper mattress I’ve been eyeing.

Pretty nice. I’ve been using hacked together contact sensors and this seems like it would be a lot more robust

Just an update on the code, it appears that it was a one-use only code. :frowning:

Sorry everyone.

Hopefully they hit the 750k goal and add in the zone control heating, my wife would love it!

Definitely interested in the VIP price if it’s still available.

For any of those who signed up, has the company provided any updates?

It was a one-use only code, see the post right above yours!

The wires should be fine if they use the right quality, no different than any electric heating mattress pad (of which there are many available now).

The zones assume everyone wants the same zones, which is not true, but there you are. (If nothing else, 6’4 person vs 5’2" person hit different zones.)

They’re getting UL listing which is good, but I’d bet the UL listing is only for attended use and then their marketing turns around and suggests turning it on before you get home. Makes me crazy to see that kind of thing.

Speaking just for myself, I’ll wait until about third generation when there’s a demonstrable safety record. But that’s me.

Luna has officially added Smartthings support a few days ago… check out the blog post here: