SleepNumber SleepIQ Integration?

Just bought a new sleepnumber bed with SleepIQ, wondering if anyone has explored this software and if anyone has attempted to integrate anything with it?

It has a wifi connection, cloud based and keeps track of things like how much sleep, heart rate, breathing etc.

I think it would be awesome to hack the interface, it uses an iOS or Android app, so it has to have some basis of communication, I’m hoping like the Nest?

If anyone has any thoughts, let me know. I think it would be cool to actually know when someone in the bed is asleep and trigger actions, and more importantly know when you are awake or out of bed, in bed, etc.

This is were the future is going, no doubt…


+1 for SleepNumber integration.

Although I don’t have SleepIQ (which could be easier to sniff with WireShark), just the SleepNumber bed with adjustable bed frame. The bed uses fancy RF remotes and I was not able to find ANY info on the proprietary protocol they use. There are multiple functions on the bed, like massage, control of under bed and side table lights, different recline presets, timed actions, and of course the SleepNumber mattress adjustments. So it’s not that trivial to hack without a specialized equipment. If anyone has any info or links that would be greatly appreciated.

I created a basic device that will get set the presence based on the bed status . The device config allows you to specify SleepIQ login info, the bed (if you have more than one) the side (left, right, both, either). Since polling doesnt work I am using Pollster running every 15 minutes. My next task is to create a service manager smart app to manage the devices and centralize the API requests (so a single request can set the status for multiple devices under your account).

How has your SleepIQ integration project come along?
We are about to replace our very old Sleep Number bed with a new one, and I’m very interested in what all can be done with their sensors and interface.
Did you look at all into directly interfacing to the USB based sensors?


@Natecj are you still working on this project? I be interested in this as I have a Sleep IQ bed?

The SleepIQ integration has been working perfectly for what I do - presence detection for my wife and I being in bed. What are you wanting to do with the bed? As for interfacing with the sensors directly, the device I have is not USB-based - it connects to my wireless network. There is a USB port on the device, but that was used to plug in a memory stick with the wireless configuration settings. I would prefer to have the SmartApp talk directly to the device (ie, local network), but there isn’t any available information on it and I didn’t feel like trying to reverse engineer their communication. This might be worth looking into at some point to see if it can be used without being dependent on their website. In any case, the easier solution was to use the existing API that they use for their website, especially since it hasn’t changed (in any meaningful way) since I initial wrote this.

@llcanada I have not updated this since I wrote the initial version, but that is because it has been working perfectly for me. Do you have any specific questions or concerns?

@Natecj I just purchased my bed and I have no concerns. Thanks and i not sure what all the bed does anyway as it’s new to me.

Natecj , thanks for making the presence sensor for the sleep number! Part of the reason I went with Smartthings (made me realize all the cool things you can do).
I’m new to this but figured out how to add your device handler/smart app (for an android) but when I went to “create new device” in the smartapp it says "you are not authorized to perform the requested operation."
grr am I missing something? I was so excited for this!

Can you look at the logs when you click “Create Device” and see if it gives you any more info about the error? Did you enter your username and password into the app before hitting the button? Maybe try entering the user/pass, clicking done/save changes, and open the app again to try creating a new device. Can you login to the SleepIQ website with the same credentials? Do you have a bed that is added to you account? I haven’t done anything with this in a while, but it is still working just fine for me.

Yea password is definitely good and tried saving first. I was considering changing Sleep Number password to something simpler. Is it possible I have a newer version of sleep IQ or SmartThings app?
Where do I check logs btw?

If you think you might have typed the password incorrectly, then I would update your password to something simple just to test, but I would try some other things first. It is also not related to the Sleep IQ or SmartThings apps.

Have you also installed the Sleep IQ Device Handler that I created? The logs are shown through the developer site ( - open that page and then try adding using the smart app. The logs might show something helpful related to your error message. If not, I can add some additional logging to the app to try to figure out where exactly it is failing.

Hi Nathan,

I know this is a little off the topic of sleep sensor, but will your code work to also adjust the firmness of the mattress? I started a thread, but havent had any luck with finding someone who knew how to do this.

Can you change the beds firmness from the website? I don’t think you can - I get an error about my device (the web browser) not supporting bluetooth. The only way to change the firmness requires a bluetooth connection to the SleepIQ box (ie, your phone), so there is no easy way to control this using SmartThings.

I can change the firmness from anywhere using the sleep iq app. The sleep iq module connects to my home wifi and is accessible from the sleep iq app from anywhere.

Interesting, the older app only allowed changes using bluetooth, but it does appear that the current version will use the internet if bluetooth is not available. The website gives an error about no bluetooth when I use my laptop, so I can’t easily see what API is being used to control the bed and if I can use it from SmartThings. I will have to capture the traffic between my phone and their servers to see if I can add this feature to the device handler. Regardless, I don’t have a lot of free time right now, so it might be a while before I can get to this. Feel free to ping me as a reminder, otherwise Ill post here once I have time to do a bit more research.

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Awesome – Thanks Nate. If there is anything I can do to help this process, let me know. I’m not a great programmer, but I am pretty tech savvy and will try to help you any way I can.

I’m having the same issue as Brennan & monitoring the log file as suggested, doesn’t show anything at all.
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What are the steps to make this Device Handler work in SmartThings? I am new to SmartThings and this custom stuff and can’t seem to get it to work…

I’d love to have my bed controllable via SmartThings/Alexa. Did you ever make any progress on that?