Just crawled into bed and it is freezing.... how do I change that?

So how can I automate an electric blanket? I can not think of a way…

You can put it on an Aeon Smart Switch

You’d leave the blanket on and let the device turn it on an off by scheduling or by using the ST App.

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Ummmm…I am thinking that if the controller for the blanket loses power it stays off even if the power comes back on…will test that in the morning…

Who could have imagined we in Jersey are facing a heat wave at high 50’s and ceiling fan is running.

You could be right, I was going to add a disclaimer that any heating/hot/cooking device should be throughly tested and decisions made if it should be hooked up to an automated switch.

I have been keeping an eye out for a ZigBee enabled electric blanket controller for some time now. So far I haven’t seen one. If electric blankets conformed to some type of standard it would be possible to hack one together but I bet the control of electric blankets is the wild west.

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i was thinking this would be a good hack project, but as you said the controllers are all different.

What would be an overkill is if the blanket will change temperature according to your body heat. I can’t wait for Hub 2.0 so I can get better wearables to connect to it!

Get a dog… Or 3.

Apparently “spouses” are not a viable option based on various posts throughout this Forum.


I dont think that would be overkill I think it would be a great feature!

Well in my case it does work. But I’m the spouse that turns on the blankets in the evening to warm them up.

It’s almost spring now, so this is probably too late for most of you, but I did get an electric blanket integrated. It was really simple, and my girlfriend loves it.

I searched all over the internet for a “dumb” electric blanket that doesn’t reset itself to “off” when it loses power. As far as I can tell, there’s only one that is still made that way, but luckily you can find it on Amazon: http://amzn.com/B005J9CDGG It comes in lots of sizes and colors.

Set the switch to “on” and the timer to H, then plug the controller into your favorite z-wave or zigbee outlet.

I made a Hello, Home action called “Getting Sleepy…” for my girlfriend to trigger when she’s thinking about heading up to bed. It turns on the blanket outlet for 30min (turns off using the Power Allowance app), turns the downstairs thermostat down, and turns the upstairs thermostat up.

Let me tell you, if you need to earn some home automation karma points after a few too many ST glitches, THIS is the way to do it. She went from a total skeptic to ST’s biggest fan.


Not sure how many points you’ll have left after the house burns down, though…

Seriously, electric blankets are not to be hacked.


turn off when not in use

Is still critical advice.

Underwriters Laboratory will no longer certify any electric blanket that operates on a programmable timer for unattended use due to the number of deaths that have resulted from this use.

One of the biggest safety issues is unattended electric blankets being turned on when they were not spread out flat. An electric blanket which is bunched up or even folded over itself and then turned on may easily catch fire since the heat cannot disperse.

I agree with the dog recommendation, btw. Have the dog lie on the bed for 10 minutes before you get in and it will be toasty warm. :wink:

I use the following as a dog magnet so he’ll settle in just the right spot. Works every time.

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I will be getting one next fall if they are still available. I turn ours on every evening at 5pm so it is good and warm by bed time. It is my job to do this and If I forget to do it. Well lets just say the sheets are not the only thing that is frigged about the bed!

Thanks for sharing!

I’m not hacking anything about the blanket itself. It has an auto shutoff that still works after whatever time you set it to shut off, and it has an over-temp shutoff too. The timer on the controller resets when the power is cycled.

The only thing I’m doing is turning on the power, and then turning it off 30 minutes later. It’s literally the same thing as plugging it in and unplugging it.


Except there’s no one there when the power goes on to verify that the blanket is fully spread out and there are no odd smells/sparks when the power comes on. So from a safety standard, it’s different.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions. It likely says “Do not operate unattended.” (Blankets with timers can be UL listed but only for attended use where the timer is intended to shut it off. Not turn it on.)

Read the Amazon one star reviews. There are multiple reports of this model blanket catchng fire, or sparking when first plugged in, some very new. Now imagine that happening when no one’s there. (I also notice Amazon itself doesn’t sell this model, it’s only available from third parties.)

Of course as a quad, I’m more sensitive about fire safety issues. You may not care, it’s a personal choice. Just something to be aware of.

BTW, Turning on the upstairs thermostat 30 minutes early is clever, but turning down the downstairs one at the same time is brilliant. I wouldn’t have thought of that, but it makes perfect sense, and balances the energy requirement of turning up the bedroom one early. Well done. :blush:

I had the same problem, supported this crowd fund. The link is also a referral for me…

Dear jgirvine,

Did you need to buy a new blanket?
Did you use any of the suggestions listed here?
What was your outcome?

No, have never found anything I was comfortable doing. My current blanket does not come back on if the power goes off. Looking at the link to the blanket posted that does I was very uncomfortable with the reviews and safety… still thinking and looking…

I purchased the blanket on the amazon review and a Zooz smart plug. I have it turn on at bedtime if I’m home. I make my bed each morning, so it should be flat.