Edge Shelly drivers for Gen1 and Gen2 Devices


I have pushed out an update to the Shelly Gen2 Device Driver V1.3, which is now driver Version 2023-04-13T15:15:51.357935579.

This update includes temperature (ds18b20) and digital/analog input add-on support for the Plus1 and Plus1PM devices. Add-ons are detected during device discovery, so no manual device Settings are needed. If you connect one of these add-ons for an existing SmartThings device, you’ll need to delete the existing device and get it recreated through an Add device / Scan for nearby devices.

Thanks go out to @Bruno_Almeida and @tgift00 for testing the driver for me.

Please note that if add-on support is needed for the humidity or voltmeter attachments, or add-on support is needed for other device types (i.e. Plus2PM, PlusI4) I can add that upon request.

One other update item is that the Creator device will no longer get created for initial driver installations, and the IP address in device Settings should be ignored (it has already been removed for some devices). There is no manual creation of GEN2 devices - they are discovered and created automatically. With this driver update, you can delete any existing Creator device you may already have and it will not get re-created the next time you scan for devices.


I do want to call out one thing I have noticed so this group is aware. I am using 2 Shelly PM 1 Plus devices with an addon for one of the PM’s with Reed Switches attached to the 3 interfaces. I also have the Alexa Smartthings skill enabled as well as the Honeywell Alexa Skill enabled for my thermostats (2 of them) so I can control devices with Alexa.

When I ask “Alexa what is the Inside temperature” it averages my 2 thermostats and the 2 Shelly PM 1 Temperatures to provide an answer. This is because Shelly has internal temperature monitoring in the PM 1 Plus devices that it must send over to Alexa. I see no way to turn this off with the exception of disabling the Shelly’s in Alexa, which I can do because I use virtual switches to control opening and closing of my Garage doors which because it gives me better overall control.

Just though I would call this out to make everyone aware. Maybe @TAustin could provide the ability to configure whether or not include the devices internal temperature in the Smartthing update payload!

The only reason I can see using the internal device temp is to determine if the device is overheating since it is not the actual temperature of the space the device is in. I would be curious to see what others think about how you might use the internal temperature on a PM 1 Plus. I do understand that if you hook up an actual temperature sensor to the device that you would want to have the temperature.

To me that internal temperature info is just annoying because it is the first temperature displayed instead of the temperature provided by the sensor on the addon.

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Can you hook up a temperature sensor to just the PM or do you need the addon?

You need the addon

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I just wanted to say thank you to @TAustin for developing this driver. The driver provided by Shelly did not seem to include the ability to read the switch input state, but your driver seems to work like a charm. Now I can get reminders if my garage door is left open :smile: .

For anyone else appreciating this driver. You can support him here.


Thank you for the kind words! :pray:


For the GEN2 devices, how would everyone feel about the possibility of moving the device’s internal temperature measurement down to the ‘Devices’ component?

  • Does anyone actually use this value in any automations?
  • Is it a nuisance to have it where it currently is in the device Controls screen?
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Yes! Moving down to the “devices” component will be much appreciated.

I would have no concerns. Would it also fix the issue I have with the internal temperature being shared with Echo (Alexa) if I have the device enabled there causing it to be included in the average “Inside Temperature” calculation when asking Alexa for the “Inside Temperature”?

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I don’t recall if Alexa would recognize any capabilities not in the ‘main’ (first) component, which is where the internal temp is now. If I move it to another component like I’m thinking, it may become inaccessible to Alexa. Not positive, but will confirm.

Forgive me,
I’m trying to update the dry contact FAQ for devices with edge drivers and I’ve lost track. :thinking:

Will this project work with a Shelly 1 PM set up in dry contact mode?

And what about the Shelly Uni?


Yes and yes.


Yay! :tada:

Links added to the FAQ:

FAQ: List of devices with dry contact input from external sources

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That link is years old and I did not find a list there?
I did add in that Faq that I use the Smartthings/Aeotec Water Leak Sensor to interface a dry n/o contact from my rain sensor.

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Like many of the community, FAQs, the thread was started years ago, but has been updated regularly. (you will notice that several of the entries have links to edge Drivers, for example). the list is post 2 of the thread.

There hasn’t been a reply for four years until you added one because the updates mostly occurred in post 2. :sunglasses:

Hi. Did you manage to make it work with Shelly 1PM and temperature sensor?

It should be working ok, as I announced here. @Bruno_Almeida has it working, although I need to expand the valid temperature range above 50C for him.

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I also need above 50c.

I will be talking a look for it.


I have the Shelly plus 1 working perfectly with the temperature add-on.

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