Edge Shelly drivers for Gen1 and Gen2 Devices

Yesterday, all the firmware of my Shellys were updated (shelly1, shelly1plus, Shelly 1pm, Shelly 3em)

Now, all my shelly1pm and Shelly 3pm have a problem with my account Google home. They are not connected and they are split. I specify that I have not logged in the Shelly account with Google home, I see them through SmartThings.

Has anyone had these problems?

@Bruno_Almeida @Sergio_Ferreira -

I just pushed out an updated Gen2 driver that should allow for a greater add-on temperature range to accommodate your needs.

The driver initialization tries to update the profile of your existing devices, so without doing anything else besides verifying you have the update (Driver Version 2023-05-08T00:32:10.398082458), see if you can run some tests to set the temperature above 50 degrees C. The change might take a little bit of time to take effect.

If you can’t get the higher temperatures working with your existing devices, then you’ll have to create new ones (sorry but I tried to avoid that for you!).

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Still without the updated version of the driver.

A segunda, 8/05/2023, 01:48, TAustin via SmartThings Community <notifications@smartthings.discoursemail.com> escreveu:

Make sure you have it installed from my test channel: Samsung account

You may have had it set up from my alternate test channel while you were helping me test.

I believe I have installed the correct driver. But it is not updated

A segunda, 8/05/2023, 08:07, TAustin via SmartThings Community <notifications@smartthings.discoursemail.com> escreveu:

Hi again. The driver is updated. Now we can have routines with temperature values above 50C. Thank you very much.

A segunda, 8/05/2023, 08:45, Bruno Almeida <brunoa1981@gmail.com> escreveu:


Hello again! My RGBW2 controls are working great and again I am most grateful. My daughter has now been (I guess fairly!!) haranguing me about getting the effects modes working on them and I was wondering if there was any thoughts about triggering these modes via SmartThings? I considered writing a prolonged routine but then I thought that seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut… the controller has the ability to do it on its own after all! Thanks again for your work.

Let me look at it and I’ll get back to you.

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Hi again. Regarding the effect support for the RGBW2. I have that working and am testing it.

Although there are these options documented in the API:

0 - Off
1 - Meteor shower
2 - Gradual change
3 - Flash
4 - Red/green change

I’ve not been able to get #4 to work. #1 and #2 are just variations of the same thing: they transition through all the colors; #1 seems to do it just a little faster.

So nothing too exciting, but they seem to work the same as using the Shelly app. Typically you have to set the effect type, and then follow that up with setting a color before it actually starts.

I’m pushing out the driver update now. You will have to delete and re-create your RGBW2 device in order to get the new effect button in the device details screen.

Driver Version: 2023-05-17T23:19:52.021505697

Just give it time to get updated on your hub, then create your new device.

Let me know if you have any problems.


Hi @TAustin, as far as I can see the Actiotiles platform seems to be stable and as far as my visibility is, it correctly allows the use of devices that use Smartthings edge drivers. I’m asking you again if you plan to implement in the SHELLY GEN1 DRIVER the possibility of exporting the measurements made by Shelly EM in ActionTiles (as it already works with the Shelly 3 EM). Thank you

Does Action Tiles allow you to see the fields in secondary components of SmartThings devices?

From what I’ve heard, Action Tiles can only access fields from the ‘main’ (first) component of a SmartThings device. The only value you would be able to see for the 3EM device would be the total power value, since that is provided by the device and is a total of all 3 meters. It is shown in the main component, so Action Tiles may be able to access that. The EM does not have have a total value for its 2 meters, so the only meter values available are in the meter 1 and meter 2 components. This may be why Actions Tiles can’t access them.

This is an issue with Action Tiles - it needs to be updated to support the new SmartThings platform devices. There’s nothing I can do about that.

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@TAustin Thanks for the reply! I don’t have a 3EM I was told by whoever owns it that ActionTiles shows the reading… in fact if I remember correctly who told me uses only one clamp. Thanks for your suggestion, so I can ask ActionTiles support if they provide such an implementation

Tested, and yup it works GREAT! My daughter is rather happy with the automated disco lights now.

You’re a legend.

PS The Green/Red change in the Shelly app GUI doesn’t exist anyway so no worry about that. Maybe even just bin it from the options to avoid confusion?


Glad to hear it’s working for you. Thanks for letting me know.

Hi Todd! I’m with Shelly and heard about your work here from Jimmy Hawkins (@SmartThingsBeat on Twitter). I’d love to help support your efforts. I’m a new member here, so don’t have the option to message you. Would you mind shooting me a private message for us to connect outside of the forum?


Direct message sent!


Can i use this driver for SmartThings Energy? i have 2 shellys EM

You can use this driver with your Shelly EM devices, however, they will not get integrated into the SmartThings Energy feature. Unfortunately only SmartThings appliances are recognized by that, the last I looked at it.

A few devices that use the stock edge driver for Power management, most notably one of the Aqara smart plugs, also show up on the energy dashboard, but it’s very few devices. Even the smartthings branded smart plug doesn’t. And so far nothing using a custom edge driver.

Good Morning @TAustin :slight_smile:

We have 5 Shelly Plus 1 Switches that have been working flawlessly in SmartThings with your driver since January 2023.

They are all set to “Toggle” (Menu/Settings/Toggle-After=Enabled/Toggle-After Delay=2sec)

Sometime yesterday afternoon, they all stopped toggling.

As well, their Input State is no longer being read.

In contrast, in the Native Shelly App, they function as normal, toggling and reading the input state.

Was there a Driver Update or anything that changed on the SmartThings side of things?

I do see that my v2 SmartThings Hub Firmware Updated to .048.00003. I suspect that was in the last few days as I had been checking it from time/to/time given the Update Notice from SmartThings.

I’ve powered down the Hub, but it didn’t help.