Shelly Plus 2PM does not appear in Smartthings

Hi everyone, first time here. I did try to search and didn’t find anything related, but fell free to delete if replicated. Anyway here I go:
Yesterday I installed a Shelly plus 2PM to control my blinds. Although is fully functional on the Shelly cloud app and with the physical switch does not appear in Smartthings after successfully adding Shelly to it . Any ideas what can cause this?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Since smartthings published their API last year, most integrations are now the responsibility of the device manufacturers. So you should check with Shelly support and see what they say.

I did that already and I’m still waiting for their response. If was something someone had already and could help in between would be great!

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@TAustin makes some Shelly Edge Drivers !

Check out this link: Edge Shelly device support discussion - #559 by TAustin

Be mindful of his directions within this Post #559, rather earlier in the thread.

As @JohnRichard mentions, If you have a SmartThings hub, I have a driver that supports Gen2 Shelly devices locally. It supports the Plus 2PM in either switch or cover mode.

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Thanks for the tip to both. I don’t have an hub so far. I was hoping to be able to add those devices to SmartThings without it. So far I still don’t have any answer from the Shelly tech support…