Security Keypad in 2024?

I need an Edge Driver for …

Type: Security Keypad
Make: IRIS / CentraLite
Model: 3405-L - 2nd Gen

Lost functionality last June when SmartThings changed.


Has anyone found a Keypad that now works with SmartThings ?

I know there is an Edge driver for the Ring Keypad.

As for the Iris, it’s been asked before here and I think no-one has developed one.

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The link you sent me looks more like RAW date which was used on the old system IDE Device Manager and/or App Manager editor and not a compiled “Edge” Driver for the new system.

One of the links was to the topic for requesting an Edge driver for Zigbee devices. The other link was to the topic on the Edge driver for Ring Keypad 2nd Gen.

Sounds like you clicked on the GitHub link in the quote box instead of on the title of the topic itself. Try this.

[ST Edge] Driver for Ring Keypad 2nd Gen

Then, from the first post in that thread, you can find the invitation link after the text

I decided to publish the driver here