Edge LAN driver continues to run even after uninstalling

As the title says, I’ve uninstalled the edge LAN driver from the hub, checked with the CLI that the driver isn’t installed, even rebooted the hub but the driver continues to run on the hub. I can see it printing logs on the CLI debug console. @nayelyz

2023-04-14T14:38:52.126571952+00:00 INFO Konnected Sending SSDP M-SEARCH discovery response to in 1(s), REST server

As a follow up I’ve also noticed that the CLI is allowing me to uninstall a driver while there are devices that are actively using it, so while the CLI is showing the driver as uninstalled, it’s still running on the hub. Even if I delete all the devices using the driver, the driver doesn’t get uninstalled and the CLI doesn’t show it as installed. So there’s some disconnect here and I’m stuck because I don’t know how to uninstall the driver now. I’ve tried reinstalling/deleting but didn’t work. Open to suggestions on how to uninstall the driver. firmware version 000.047.00011

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Hi, @RBoy
I’ve seen this error reported but the user had a Wi-Fi Hub, are you using a V2 or V3 Hub?

The solution in the other case was deleting the driver, then waiting for two hours or so and rebooting the Hub, after that, the driver should disappear from the discovery.


v2 hub.

That did not work unfortunately, it’s been 5 days now, the CLI is showing that the driver (Konnected) is not installed

smartthings.exe edge:drivers -p test
 #  Driver Id                             Name                            Version                        Package Key
 1  e80a6aac-e096-4dbe-8f38-904dc9cf1d50  Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock  2023-04-11T23:59:14.174512472  zwave-lock-enhanced

I’ve rebooted the hub multiple times, powered it down for 48 hours and when I click on Scan new device the driver is still starting up:

2023-04-22T16:46:45.079484298+00:00 INFO Konnected Starting discovery :{
2023-04-22T16:46:45.086761548+00:00 INFO Konnected Discovering Konnected panels
2023-04-22T16:46:45.088859548+00:00 TRACE Konnected Discovering panels: “all”
2023-04-22T16:46:45.095576090+00:00 TRACE Konnected Received event with handler discovery
2023-04-22T16:46:45.096031381+00:00 TRACE Konnected Received event with handler environment_info

That doesn’t show installed drivers, it shows drivers owned by the principal.

You need to use smartthings edge:drivers:installed or directly hit the API on https://api.smartthings.com/hubdevices/{hubId}/drivers to see what is installed.

I’ve had a LAN driver survive a full hub reset before so I am not challenging it is happening, and clearly from the log the driver is there somewhere. I’m just saying your particular CLI example isn’t contributing anything.


Interesting, I assumed they would be in sync because I’m the principal/author of the Konnected driver. I don’t see it under my “drivers” but it’s still showing up under installed drivers.

smartthings.exe edge:drivers:installed -p test
 #  Label               Name                Device Id
 1  Test Hub  SmartThings v2 Hub  b24ff7c5-fea7-4a5e-9a33-ecdc0a6c1e68
? Select a hub. 1
 #  Name                            Driver Id                             Version                        Channel Id
 1  Konnected                       c65ba012-b566-4e35-85ca-aaf0e546b330  2023-04-14T15:02:02.116060814  20070078-d37e-4486-84a5-44c7c1ae5247
 2  Konnected                       db7a32d4-e90a-4d7f-b57a-603f6c650e56  2022-12-08T19:12:46.085951498  20070078-d37e-4486-84a5-44c7c1ae5247
 3  Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock  e80a6aac-e096-4dbe-8f38-904dc9cf1d50  2023-04-11T23:59:14.174512472  20070078-d37e-4486-84a5-44c7c1ae5247
 4  Z-Wave Lock                     0339df29-90d0-40b2-addf-6cc1e76dcddf  2022-08-13T00:32:07.489084184  20070078-d37e-4486-84a5-44c7c1ae5247
 5  Z-Wave Lock                     b11f9b82-29ff-46da-b6a1-2b4c1799aebc  2022-08-12T23:41:23.068431369  20070078-d37e-4486-84a5-44c7c1ae5247
 6  Z-Wave Lock Enhanced            443afe72-bcfe-4090-b778-4d5d91bdbd3d  2022-08-06T13:45:16.159871892  20070078-d37e-4486-84a5-44c7c1ae5247
 7  Z-Wave Thermostat               af8f84b1-b445-45e5-9c4a-07294a9682ea  2023-04-20T20:41:40.964076491  b1373fea-da9b-434b-b674-6694ce5d08cc

To make this worse, I also notice other older drivers that I had installed and subsequently deleted but they’re still showing up as “installed”.

And the best part is if I try to delete them, they don’t show up as an option:

smartthings.exe edge:drivers:delete -p test
 #  Name                            Driver Id
 1  Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock  e80a6aac-e096-4dbe-8f38-904dc9cf1d50

@nayelyz Why isn’t it uninstalling drivers when they are deleted from the hub?

Fair point. Does your ‘test’ CLI profile represent the same user account that created the Konnected driver? It can’t just be another Location member, it has to be the same user account.

That is the command to delete an Edge driver, so it can only offer you the one driver it believes you own. You need to use smartthings edge:driver:uninstall to uninstall a driver from the hub.


What happens if you use the driver ID in the command? If you don’t own it, it will show you a 403 error because you don’t have enough permissions to delete it

As @orangebucket mentioned, you need to make sure that you aren’t mixing things up since you’re using different profiles.
If you install a driver to the Hub through a Channel from another account, it won’t appear in commands like edge:drivers and edge:drivers:delete, if you use the flag --help at the end of CLI commands it will show you their description, the first command mentions only drivers you own will be listed. The other one doesn’t say so, I’ll open a report about it.

If the problem persists, for us to create a report, you need to:

  1. Identify to which account where you claimed the Hub (provide support access and the email)
  2. Identify which of your accounts is the driver owner (provide support access and the email)
  3. Share the Driver ID of the one that cannot be deleted.

To provide support access, these are the steps:

  1. Go to the SmartThings Web (my.smartthings.com)
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again.
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