Error reported: The Edge Drivers can not be deleted!

As screenshot below:
I want to delete the driver No.1 and No.3, but CLI reported that they are in used.

I checked the channels:

There are not the drivers.
Now, how to delete the drivers?

You can try to remove the driver from the mobile App instead.

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Where can I delete the driver in ST? Can you take a screenshot for me? Thanks!

Just click on your HUB-device and select Drivers in the Settings menu in the upper right corner.

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I find them, thank you!

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Just as a future reference, the correct way to delete the driver using the ST CLI is following these steps:

  1. Uninstall the driver (no devices should be using it)
smartthings edge:drivers:uninstall
  1. Unpublish the driver (remove the driver from the channel)
smartthings edge:drivers:unpublish
  1. Delete the driver (this step removes the driver package completely)
    It is useful when you want to make a fresh install.
smartthings edge:drivers:delete

When you delete the driver from the Hub’s menu > Driver, it only uninstalls the driver, but the package still exists and remains published in the channel.