Edge Driver for Sonoff SNZB-01 Button?

Has any one written an Edge driver for the Sonoff SNZB-01 Button?

Looking for tath too

I haven’t seen any button drivers yet, not even the SmartThings one, except one for Aqara buttons that someone is working on, and I think that’s presenting as a switch.


So I had wondered if perhaps the button capabilities aren’t available yet. :thinking:

@veonua has drivers for Aqara buttons and switches.
I am using them on a 2 button device and a 1 button device. They work well and better that the old DTHs.

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Have you seen the code? Are they using whatever the edge Driver equivalent is of capability button? I’m just surprised that there isn’t one for the smartthings/aeotec brand button yet if it’s possible to write one.

No, I have not seen his code.
I am just linked via his Edge channel.

The button capability is the same in Edge, and the ST GitHub has a z-wave button driver that I’m using for my minimote. I don’t think you can draw any conclusions about what is/isn’t possible from what has/hasn’t been posted by ST - they haven’t posted any switch drivers for example.

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It was more the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any edge driver yet, stock or community, for the smartthings button even though I know people have been looking for one. But that’s good to know about the Z wave version. :sunglasses:

I think that uses the SmartSense Button handler, in which case it is already being implemented in the hub firmware at a lower level than the Edge drivers.

My understanding might well be incorrect, but I believe there is some conflation between Groovy DTHs and the locally running handlers. So I don’t think we should assume that the locally running ones necessarily have to disappear when Groovy goes.

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So, is there any update on Edge driver for SNZB-01 button yet?

I am using the “RDG ZigBee Button” driver with mine and I have not had any problems.

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Appreciate your quick response Paul - I only use pressed once, pressed twice and long press so this will work perfectly fine for me.

I am yet to enroll my hub into Edge which I guess I will have to do from the Preview community post. After I enroll my hub, am I right in saying I need to do these?

  1. Accept your channel invitation link for the sonoff button
  2. Delete the device from smartthings
  3. Delete the custom DTH from IDE
  4. Install the driver that comes as part of your link
  5. Re-pair the sonoff button by hitting ‘scan nearby’ devices wherein the driver should automatically detect the sonoff button
  6. Write automations for the three events

If I have missed anything in the above steps, then please can you amend?

Also, I noticed something around temperature updates in the driver (5-120 minutes) etc. so does it the button also has the ability to detect temperature?

Your procedure looks good. If you want to keep the DTH you can comment out the fingerprint in the DTH by placing // in front of the finger print. That if you have more than 1 button the rest will continue to work until you switch them over.

There is no temperature reporting that I know of.

The following is a screenshot of the installed device.

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Thanks Paul, when you say you want to keep the DTH, you mean the current custom DTH that I have on IDE?

What is a finger print you are referring to

I have only one button as of now. Just so I am clear, if I buy another one, I am assuming I can use the same edge driver for that too?


If you only have one button go ahead and delete the DTH. It is the easiest way.

In any DTH there is a section labeled fingerprints. You can manually add the // before a fingerprint and hit save and publish. This will prevent new devices from pairing with the DTH.

By the way re-pare your button near your hub. Things will go smoother.

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Now I get it, using // in ide is an easy way out to use the edge driver in case I want to come back to ide DTH if there are problems with the edge driver. Can you let me know if I’ll be able to pair additional buttons with the edge driver?


You can pare multiple devices to any edge drive with the correct fingerprints. I do not know of any limits.