Edge Driver for Sonoff SNZB-01 Button?

Has any one written an Edge driver for the Sonoff SNZB-01 Button?

Looking for tath too

I haven’t seen any button drivers yet, not even the SmartThings one, except one for Aqara buttons that someone is working on, and I think that’s presenting as a switch.


So I had wondered if perhaps the button capabilities aren’t available yet. :thinking:

@veonua has drivers for Aqara buttons and switches.
I am using them on a 2 button device and a 1 button device. They work well and better that the old DTHs.

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Have you seen the code? Are they using whatever the edge Driver equivalent is of capability button? I’m just surprised that there isn’t one for the smartthings/aeotec brand button yet if it’s possible to write one.

No, I have not seen his code.
I am just linked via his Edge channel.

The button capability is the same in Edge, and the ST GitHub has a z-wave button driver that I’m using for my minimote. I don’t think you can draw any conclusions about what is/isn’t possible from what has/hasn’t been posted by ST - they haven’t posted any switch drivers for example.

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It was more the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any edge driver yet, stock or community, for the smartthings button even though I know people have been looking for one. But that’s good to know about the Z wave version. :sunglasses:

I think that uses the SmartSense Button handler, in which case it is already being implemented in the hub firmware at a lower level than the Edge drivers.

My understanding might well be incorrect, but I believe there is some conflation between Groovy DTHs and the locally running handlers. So I don’t think we should assume that the locally running ones necessarily have to disappear when Groovy goes.

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