[ST Edge] Driver for SONOFF SNZB-02

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  • SONOFF SNZB-01 (WB01)

11-25-2021 - Driver added. Smartthings app displays all actions in details view, but the only supported actions are Pressed, Pressed 2 times and held.



11-06-2021 - Driver updated with ability to change temperature reporting interval (5-120 minutes) and temperature change amount (.1 to 5 degrees). Defaults set at 30 minutes and 1 degree.

Updated driver should show within 12 hours. Recommended to remove device and driver, then reinstall driver and rejoin device if you have any issues or don’t want to wait the 12 hours.

Noticed it can take some time for reported value changes to shop up in the history.


  • innr A19 Smart Bulb White
  • innr A19 Smart Bulb Color

This is all new to me, but here is what I’ve noticed over the last 3 or 4 days of use. Looking through the events, reporting appears to work on .1 degree and 1% humidity changes. No idea on time interval as the room my sensor is in changes quite frequently. The sensor has not gone offline since installing this driver, but I understand that is probably because of the frequent temp changes.

Also have a driver to support the innr bulbs I use. Includes fingerprints for the Ecosmart-ZBT-A19-CCT-Bulb and innr SP 224 smart plug, but I have not tested either of those.

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If the reporting interval for the battery less than the health check interval (say, 2x battery reports for 1x health check) it won’t go offline.

See the groovy driver on my github for reference regarding the health check.
I can’t see your code (do you have it hosted somewhere?), but I highly recommend setting the reporting intervals to the same as what I’ve done.

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@roadDOG I joined the channel and choose to install, but I can’t find the DHT. Where is it? Is there something else I have to do?

You need to delete the device and scan nearby, it should be found. That’s it. :blush:

Got it working, but the vice battery went from 90% to 9%.

9% is a pain because you will start to get low battery notifications.

I had the same problem with a Sonoff motion detector. I put a new battery in and it still was 9%. So I deleted it and repaired it a 2nd time and the battery came back at 63% which stopped the notifications.

My sensor is only a few weeks old, but it did take a bit of time it to show 100%.

Thank you. I didn’t change any intervals in code so whatever is stock is where I imagine they are. Looking into the process for changing device preferences.

Not hosted yet, but will set up a GitHub account in the near future.

I have removed it and replaced three times, and it shows up as a placeholder, and cloud device. Yet it still shows in the app as working.

Devices added with Edge drivers will show placeholder and cloud connection in the IDE. This is normal since Edge drivers are not fully compatible with the groovy based IDE.

OK, so I guess since I have it working now, I will have to hope SmartThings gets this working soon.