SmartThings Zigbee Button Edge Driver

I’ll start this as a new tread, as previous one was related to old Groovy DTH.
After my complain about many button remotes and controllers, zigbee and z-wave, tread was closed as issue is solved, even that was not.
Same day new Edge driver was released, and I have installed it on my hub. I have added brand new 4-button Ecosmart remote to the hub, using Edge driver.
As a local devices speed is instant, no delay at all.

Same plague (issue) is happening again.
Instead of 4 buttons with only single capability “Pressed”, now it’s showing 21 capabilities for each button.
Also order of components is:
Button 1
Button 2
Button 3
Button 4
Device Automations on Details page, are still showing incorrect automations for rest of the buttons under button #1.

It is said in tread related to driver’s release, this drivers are released after testing, but I am not sure how are they tested, on a virtual device, or on actual physical device. Here is the screenshot of device.

@erickv @nayelyz @SamsungZell @Zach_Varberg

I’ll be testing more different manufacturer devices, supported by this driver, but I am assuming they will all have the same issue, as is already reported in multiple treads.


I was originally complaining about 2 extra capabilities ”Held" and "Double Pressed”, and now…

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It’s a UI plug-in issue impacting all multi button devices. I’ve reported it to support (ticket 1282487) and they’ve acknowledged it’s a bug. Your best bet is to report it to official support channels ( to add to the urgency.


I have added your comments to the report I created. We haven’t forgotten about this issue.
As soon as I get an update, I’ll share it with you.


@nayelyz Not to be picky, but I know that order of buttons can be specified at least in Routines page, when I try to add routine in IF action. Battery should be always on the bottom, not second

This is how SmartThings stock driver looks like without any order. It looks sloppy.

and this is how Developer’s driver looks like, nice and neat.

I do expect to be the opposite, to have better quality drivers from SmartThings. I understand that this are Beta drivers, and that’s is why I am pointing this.

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ok, I will check more details about the order of the capabilities in the Automation View of the device for this driver.
Thank you for sharing your feedback :smiley:

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Yes the SmartThings button edge driver is very amateur.

If you’re referring to the long list of button enums shown in the detail view, that’s an issue that is affecting other integrations, not only Edge drivers. It is related to the plugin, not the configuration itself.

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Which edge driver have you installed for your ecosmart buttons? I wanna try it on my system.

SmartThings’ own driver beta channel has the ecosmart remote

Ecosmart Remote works great with Edge drivers.
I wish SmartThings adds support for Zigbee Groups in this driver.

@lmullineux could you, if it’s possible, to add Zigbee group capability to Ecosmart remote? Natively remote have group support, and originally that created problem for This remote as SmartThings did not support groups at the time. Now it should work with Edge driver, and it could bring original functions back

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If there’s already an edge driver available then I would suggest you contact the dev and ask them to add the group code. They can look in my GitHub or @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's for examples how to do it.

I can’t really write drivers for devices I don’t own as that makes testing impossible, especially as my approach is still trial and error.

(+ I don’t really have much available time at the moment)

I hope this helps.

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Is that the ‘Zigbee button’ driver in the driver list? If yes, how to force my device to use this driver instead of DTH? thanks

@lmullineux Dev is SmartThings :disappointed_relieved:

@nayelyz is there anything that can be done with Zigbee Button driver, can Group capability be added to stock driver?

Please, provide more details according to the following:

  • Do you mean in the dashboard?
  • What do you want to display for which device?

The released drivers are based on the corresponding stock DTH (which already went through a certification process). I will ask the engineering team if it’s possible to do it or what does it involve.

This would be added to device Settings.
Devs are adding this to lights and remotes.
For example @Mariano_Colmenarejo has added support for groups for zigbee lights

@lmullineux has added this to some remote driver (I think Ikea 4 or 5 button remote)
If group numbers are matching, remote can control light, even without hub being on. It creates bond between devices eith same group number.

@lmullineux can elaborate more, as he has provided code for this.
This would not change device details presentation

See this post and couple below

This ecosmart remote has native group capability, and if it’s bought in package with light bulb, it comes bound to the bulb from the factory.

yes. Use the current standard process for beta drivers: follow link to install driver, delete device from ST, reset and add again.

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A better approach for this would be if ST natively supported zigbee groups and you gave us some kind of manager within the ST app to bind and un-bind devices to groups, this way it could possibly work for edge and non-edge devices and wouldn’t require group code adding to every single edge device driver.


Yes, definitely. Not necessarily via the app if it is considered a bit ‘advanced’ for the target app user, but at least using the API via the CLI or any other tool that appears.

The same is also the case for any device configuration that involves choosing numbers, such as setting reporting intervals. The numbers should be user configurable as standard.

Neither of these things should require custom drivers. OK we have to start somewhere, but with the stock DTHs we rather saw that we tended to finish in the same place.


I think as the first step it will be good to have the existing group code published to the official ST repository.

It will make it much more visible and maybe ST team will re-use the same code for other “official” drivers