Edge Driver for IKEA switch with siren capibilities

I have a siren speaker left over from an old ADT system. I purchased an elk siren driver and 120V transformer. I pluged it into an IKEA switch and found a DTH on github for the switch that added siren capibilities to the switch so it shows up as a siren in the Smart Home monitor. It works great but it’s cloud based. Can the custom DTH be converted it to an edge driver?

Here is the original thread: Zigbee switch as a siren

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Yes, but the syntax of the commands is different. You can take a look at the official Edge drivers from SmartThings to take a reference. For example, this is for a Z-Wave siren:

Do you add the edge driver from github the same way that the old dth’s in the IDE or must you be connected to the channel and how do you find them?

No, drivers are not fully supported in the IDE so you won’t be able to see the complete info of the devices (once installed) either.

  • To install an Edge driver, you need to access the official channel, enroll your Hub (if supported) and you’ll be able to see the available ones:

  • To develop a driver, you can download the drivers in the official repo to modify them (if their functionality is useful to you) but that would be a local change, it doesn’t affect the official ones.

  • Take a look at the developer’s documentation for further info about the driver’s structure, commands (Edge Reference), etc.

  • To see the devices info, you can use the ST CLI or direct requests to the ST API