[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Siren Driver Channel - including specific Zooz models

This driver provides support for some Zwave sirens. Currently only the Zooz ZSE19, using some of the methods Kevin implemented as a DTH but now as an Edge driver.

The Z-Wave Siren CS driver includes specific support for the following devices:

name model fingerprint notes
Zooz Siren ZSE19 027A-000C-0003 Supports triggering of WAV sounds 0-99 via β€œdimmer” interface.

Driver may be expanded to support other sirens in the future as needed. Please let me know any suggestions or feedback.

To use this driver:

  1. Use the invite to enroll your hub to the channel.
  2. Click β€œAvailable Drivers”
  3. Click the β€œInstall” button on Z-Wave Siren CS
  4. For an existing device, you can use the app to change to the new driver. Go to the device tile, 3 dot menu, Driver, Change Driver.
  5. If this doesn’t work or its a new device, exclude/include as per the instructions for your particular device.
  6. If this driver works for you and you’d like to buy me a coffee thanks!

– Special thanks to @Dennis for loaning me a ZSE19 to develop/test with.


Very nice! I know a couple of people have been waiting for this. :sunglasses:


Wow that timing. Just started looking into how to add an edge driver for a new ecolink siren.


Added temperature and humidity offset Settings for the ZSE19.

 Driver Id    3c1fc4d3-82f5-4b74-b075-3ee8215caa8d
 Name         Z-Wave Siren CS
 Package Key  zwave-siren-cs
 Version      2024-07-13T16:38:05.0425829

Thanks man, much appreciated! :+1:

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