Zigbee switch as a siren

Is there a way to make a zigbee switch with Alarm capabilities?
I would like that when SHM turns off the alarm (reset it), the Zigbee switch turns off.
Is this possible?

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Yes, you can create your own DTH from the stock zigbee switch DTH to add alarm capabilities and the associated elements needed.

Do you have some type of externally wired siren hooked up to a zigbee switch?

Yes, I have two fire alarm sounders connected to a 12V transformer that is pluged in a Zigbee Switch.

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I am a beginner here with DTH, so if you can, can you help make a DTH for me?

Yup, I was contemplating that as well. It’s pretty straight forward. I can work on it this evening and post back here when done.

Need to know what stock DTH your switch is using now. If you have a GE Zigbee switch, I know that one already, but please let me know for sure.

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I am using ZigBee Switch, that one IKEA Trådfri Switch is using.

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Thanks, stay tuned!

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I have done this in Z-Wave if it is of assistance to anyone. It is a generic Z-Wave switch device handler rewritten to include alarm capabilities.

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Thank you, but I don’t think it will help me, because I need one with ZigBee and I am not good at making/changing a DTH.
But thanks anyway.

An alternative approach might be to create a ‘Simulated Alarm’ device and use that as your siren, then write automations to turn your switch on and off in response to the siren state.

Hi @carlmarlid,

Here you go:


Easy to do, and it still looks like a normal switch except you can now see this as an Alarm device from within SmartApps. I just tested this in STHM as a response device within Security and the other areas.

Do you know how to use custom code? If not, here’s an FAQ just in case:


There are also several other discussions in the community on how to use custom code.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for any reason!


Thank you so much. I will test tomorrow. If it doesn’t work, I will let you know.

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