Echo won't permanently forget devices

I have two devices that I either moved or eliminated, but Alexa won’t forget them

I go to the smart home section, and click forget the device, which it does, but 5 minutes later it rediscovers them, without my prompting to discover.

Any suggestions?


Delete those device from the Alexa smart app under ST.

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Delete from smart app under “ST”

What is ST? I can’t find any place to delete anything.


Go into the Alexa App in the smart home section … under smart home skills where you originally “enabled” the skill. Go into the SmartThings side and “uncheck” / unauthorize Alexa to use that device.

A forget will not do this - they run health checks at least hourly (in reality is more often) and your “authorized” devices ( & routines) will pull back in.

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“ST” = “SmartThings”. In this case, the SmartThings mobile app.

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Smart Things is not listed under Smart Home Skills, so I can’t uncheck.
Here’s what I did instead

Forgot the 2 devices
Disabled TP-Link Kasa
Discovered devices, and the 2 offline/non existant devices were gone.

Re-enable TP-Link Kasa
Discovered devices, and the 2 offline/non existant devices returned.

Any more suggestions?

When you went back to ENABLE TP link Kasa (after disabling) do you get a list of devices that you are authorizing (allowing Alexa access to)?

This is the point where you want to assure that the devices you want to take out of the Alexa App are NOT authorized to pull in.

After that point of enabling a skill, authorizing the specific devices, THEN you want to do the device discovery.

If you just “enabled” the skill with the same authorized devices they would be picked up / added (again) by Alexa.

Hope that helps.

Don’t get any such list. When I re-enable, I simply get a log in screen to
enter username and password. After I do that, I get a pop up which say it’s
enable, discover devices. No additional options.

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Are you using a smartthings hub ? Are you strictly TP link casa ?

Just TP-Link Kasa.

I am not personally using Tp Link Kasa but it should be the same Auth process.

I am tagging @jpark40 as he is on a thread of TP Link Kasa items and may be better to help you.

You have to disable “Remote Control” from the Kasa app for the device you do NOT want Alexa to see.

Kasa Alexa integration does not allow for selection of devices like ST does with their Alexa integration.

Something is getting lost in the translation here, so let me start over.

In my Kasa app there are only 5 smart devices listed, 3 bulbs, a switch and
a plug. I had another switch and a bulb set up they were replaced.

But in the Alexa app, the bulb and the switch keep showing up. 5 active and
2 inactive (off line)

Everything works fine. The TP-Link devices I have set up on timers work,
and I can control everything through the Echo.

It’s just an OCD thing, that the 2 extra TP devices keep appearing in the
Alexa app. I “forget” them, but they just keep coming back. I don’t even
have to tell Alexa to discover devices. They just appear a short time later.

That’s because you posted your question in the SmartThings “Devices and Integrations” forum, so it was assumed that you were using your Echo with SmartThings.

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I have the same problem and I am not using Kasa.

I found this on Redit:

“u/TE5LA • Jan 16, 2017, 7:06 PM
Alexa never forgets devices ,even if you completely remove them and “forget” them hundreds of times. They will always come back, that’s been my experience. I have tried uninstalling the device’s apps, removing skills from Alexa and reinstalling and they always return. It’s a big bug that needs to be fixed.”

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Thanks Hal, but I managed to solve the problem.

You’re likely correct, when it says Alexa will never forget a device that is, if you haven’t deleted it from the originating app.

I reinstalled the device through my TP-Link/Kasa app, and then deleted it from the TP-Link/Kasa app.

Once I did that, Alexa forgot the device.

Hijacking … to whine about Amazon violation of hue integration. Once you allow Alexa to discover the hue hub, you are stuck. Revoking Alexa permission to access Hue devices does nothing. I contacted both Amazon and Hue support will see what they have to say…

That sounds like a Hue problem, not an Alexa bug.

Well idk. It works for any other application but Alexa