Alexa - duplicating Hue lights but Philips skill disabled

I’m having an issue with Philips Hue lights showing up in Alexa twice - one light is through smart things, the other is the bulb itself. I had the Hue Skill enabled with Alexa prior to installing my SmartThings hub, however have disabled this skill and done the “forget all devices” and re-discovered devices process multiple times. The Hue skill is not showing up - but all of the lights keep getting discovered both through the SmartThings skill and (apparently) through the hue bulbs on their own?

Here’s my setup:
Philips Hue bulbs/lights mix of 2nd, 3rd generation & a few strips/uplights w/latest update
Smartthings hub (purchased/installed 2017) w/ latest firmware updates
Handful of Wemo outlets accessed through Smartthings
Smartthing smart sensors & outlet
Alexa enabled Smarthome Skills: Smartthings, Nest and Sonos (and only those three)
2 Dots 2nd gen, one Echo 2nd gen

I can seem to disable all Alexa integrations through the ST app but then I lose the control of my Wemo and ST devices through Alexa. I loved the integration before because I could build “rooms” and control all of the lights with a single command (e.g. “turn on playroom”) even though they were all from different providers.

I’m wondering if somehow the Hue connection is persisted even though the skill is disabled through the Alexa interface…

Anyone out there have suggestions?

I too had this problem. I linked Alexa to Hue, then decided to go with ST only. I removed the skill from Alexa but it still would find the bulbs after I did a forget all.

I found out that Philips Hue will keep the Alexa skills authorization forever unless you do some work to revoke it. The Reddit post post below is where I started. Essentially you have to debug the Hue Bridge and manually revoke authorizations.

I ended up revoking all, including the ‘virtual device’ you add to get the api key, and starting over. Once I revoked the Alexa skill on the Hue Bridge I was able to forget the Hue bulbs on the Alexa web interface and they stayed deleted. I then authorized my phone and ST again.


Not a permanent solution, but Amazon support can temporarily disable Hue discovery. So if you tell them to kill the Hue, then you remove all and run discovery, Alexa will not find them. The bad part is that Hue discovery resets itself, so the next time you run discovery, will need to chat with Amazon support, again.

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@jkp … That’s not permanent, either…

I tried that too. It didn’t work long term. I had taken to renaming my Hue bulbs in the Hue app to avoid conflicts. The only way I was able to permanently remove Hue bulbs from my echos was to get into the debug page on the bridge.

Have you tried going to and deactivate the Alexa app(s)?

That doesn’t work. It would make sense that it should work, but it simply doesn’t. Philips support blamed it on Amazon, and Amazon blamed it on Philips.

In my opinion it is a Philips issue, as the bridge hangs onto the authorization after the Alexa skill has been disabled.

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I believe it is due to renaming the devices either in the Hue app or Alexa app.

Delete all Hue devices from Hue and Alexa app. Rediscover your devices in the Hue app. Do not rename them.

Go to your Alexa app and add devices, once discovered, again do not rename them. Now go to the groups and create a group for each room or light to control and add the relevant light with the default names to that group.

Now you can control those lights from the group not the individual devices and any future discovery of devices will not result is duplicates being found.

Another Item to keep in mind is your device/room setup in the Philips Hue app. I’ve read multiple of these threads and after trying all the steps suggested and nothing worked. finally found a reddit thread that stated that Alexa can get confused when a light (in my case ‘lamp’) and a room have the same name, it populates twice and causes this error when attempting the voice recognition. it’s a pain for hue app use since if you don’t have a room created you won’t see the bulb on the main page, but essentially you can either just rename the bulb and keep the room, or remove the room and keep the bulb. Also if you go to Edit in the alexa app for each duplicated device it should tell you it’s source one is labeled as a device and another should signify it’s room type, but both from Hue. this way you know which one to delete if you decide on removing the room like i did.

hope this helps someone in the future.

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I wanted to share as this was very frustrating. Called Amazon and they were not able to help. Finally when the duplicates came up again I simply changed the name of the new one to just be the first letter. All good for now. :crossed_fingers:


The second one is the duplicate.

I was ble to fix the same issue

Went to the removed everything that had alexa on it

then went on (because i’m canadian) and revoked all Philips hue stuff, then i deleted my devices on alexa, did a discover and found nothing

Thank god

After several hours of research and trial and error, discovered this process worked for me as well. Logged into and “Deactivated” all ‘Home Network Apps’ that were linked to Alexa. Once done, Alexa does not automatically rediscover or add the Hue devices in until or unless the Philips Hue skill is linked once more to the device.