Echo fails to forget

As I mentioned in the previous Echo integration mega-thread, although I’ve gone into the Alexa app and “forgotten” my WeMo devices, a couple of hours later it appears that Echo has done it’s own re-discovery and added them back.

Later this evening I’ll attempt to “Forget All Devices” and add the SmartThings devices back. Crossing my fingers that works.

This reminds me of an issue I was having while using the HueBridgeEmulator. There were approximately 6 devices in my list which were NOT found during discovery and didn’t even belong to me. They had names I know I would never use for a device in my home. This made me wonder two things

  1. How can devices be added when I never did another discovery ?
  2. Were were these devices coming from ? Could it be a neighbor’s hue devices somehow detected by my network or could was the Amazon database getting corrupted somehow ?

I have had this happen to me twice now and on both occasions I just forgot everything and did a discovery to make the junk go away. If it happens again I plan to leave the junk there and contact Amazon support.

Both of these questions relate to your issue.

  1. is your echo doing it’s own discovery ?
  2. is amazon’s database having issues that reset your “forgotten” devices back to being present ?
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Same issue I had with the Hue Emulator. I have NOT had this issue with the ST devices yet.

You also had the issue with devices which were not yours showing up ? That’s interesting.
I have not seen the issue since switching to echo-ST integration either. I wonder what the hue bridge was doing. I really suspect it was seeing a neighbor’s hue bridge. I use network over power and I have heard that can sometimes see other network over power units on your grid. I am pretty sure I secured mine because of this but now I have to double check. Is there any chance your network could see a neighbor’s hue bridge ?

I have also had the issue with Wemo devices coming back. I originally connected WEMO with Echo a while back and probably need to figure out how to disconnect that integration.


Just had it happen here.

To get around this for now I renamed the WeMo devices in the WeMo mobile app to single letters and did a re-discovery on Alexa. She no longer says “I’ve found one or more devices with that name. Which one did you mean?” when I try to turn on or off those lights.

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Thanks, this seems to have finally worked for me.

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Ok, this seems to have resulted in the unfortunate issue that my ST Hub now does not always know the status of my WeMo devices and no amount of refreshing will get it to update. Therefore, my AC often fails to turn off when I leave home.

I’m gonna have to go hunt down Echo support to see if I can stop the constant re-discovery of WeMo devices.

Doh! That’s no good. I just have a couple light switches and has been well since making the change.

Funny thing is that while Echo has no problem finding and controlling my WeMo devices. 3/4 of the time WeMo app itself says that they can’t be found. It has been a saving grace. Sitting in the livingroom and realize the diningroom lights are on. Open Wemo app and it can’t find the dining room lights. Yell loud enough for Alexa to hear me " Alexa turn off the dining room lights". Lights turn off.
Several conversations with WeMo about their app losing connection to my devices. They all result in the boilerplate reply that the switches must be offline and I should reset them and reconnect tp wifi. They can’t seem to understand that I can control the lights through Echo and Wink, so obviously they are online.
Fortunately I only have a couple WeMO switches that I simply got because they were the first with Echo integration and I was impatient to add voice control.

(Don’t laugh too hard at Wink. I dug it out of the basement just to play with Alexa until my V2 gets here)

I too have just 2 Wemo switches. Once I have the other standard switches replaced with he GE switches I’ll replace the Wemo switches as well.