Echo Show acting up

Anyone else running into issues with their Echo Show tonight? All two of my Echo Shows stopped communicating with the smart home devices and don’t play songs from Prime music anymore. Everything looks normal in the Alexa app and my Echo and Echo Dots are behaving correctly. Powering the Echo Show off and on didn’t improve the situation. I suspect an outage of some sort or a bad software release.

EDIT: It looks like one of the Shows is still controlling smart home devices, but neither seem to play the music from Prime like the other Echo devices in the house.

Both of mine are working fine. Use the Amazon app to make sure that the correct prime account is associated with the device. Otherwise contact echo support.

Thanks JDR, Are you using echo shows? All looks normal in the Alexa app. I’ll probably contact Amazon if it doesn’t clear up on its own. Just thought I’d see if anyone else is having a similar experience tonight.

Yes, two shows, two original echoes, 5 dots. I only checked the shows, but both were able to play prime music and handle smart home requests in the last 30 minutes.

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My show is running normally - as are my (1) Echo and (6) Dots…

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Something wacky is happening at my house. Now my 2 echo dots won’t play prime music when they would earlier. And one of my Echo Shows is playing songs from my mother’s Pandora account instead of my Prime or my Pandora. I set my folks up with an echo dot weeks ago and they’re members of my prime household. Time to call them and figure out if they accidentally did something. But they can’t even access Alexa on their smart phone…so I think this is gremlins.

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One of the Shows has returned to normal functionality, as well as the dots. I still have one Show misbehaving, but no longer playing my mother’s Pandora stations. The folks didn’t do anything to cause it. I’m guessing this will clear up soon on its own.

When you added the dot at your parents’ house, by any chance do you have them set up with a smart things hub as well as a second location on your own account? Because that’s known to cause a lot of flakiness. There are a bunch of threads on this in the forum, here’s just one:

Thanks JDR,

We kept it simple with just a single dot to dip their toe in the water. But this is good to know if we decide to expand to an ST hub.

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While most of my Alexa devices eventually recovered their regular functionality. I had to factory reset one of my Echo Shows to finally get it control my smart home devices and stop using my mom’s Pandora account. Afterwards, I noticed there is a setting on the Show to initiate a firmware check, I’ll probably try that before the factory reset next time.