Echo Show with SmartThings devices

I have an Echo Show. My smartthings devices appear in the Alexa app on my phone but when I give Alexa a voice command I get “sorry I didn’t find device”. I have the amazon Alexa smart app enabled in the SmartThings app. Anyone else experience the same problem?

Did you tell Alexa to find devices?

Several times and the response is “can not find any new smart home devices”

That seems to be my problem

Disconnect the SmartThings skill from Alexa, re enable and try again.

I’ve done that multiple times and still not working

I should of asked this before! What kind of device?

Enable and disable Alexa privacy
Logout and Login again in Alexa
enter your login details
Try speaking to Alexa again

Make sure you’re using the Amazon account that’s associated with your SmartThings skill. I thought it would be nice to connect my personal account as well as our family account in order to my music library. It took two weeks or more of non-functional grocery list, Prime music, and SmartThings control before I realized my mistake.


My wife bought the echo show so it’s connected to her amazon account. The smartthings skills are on my phone and sing my amazon account. How can I change the amazon account used for my echo show?

Thanks for the help Mark

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