Echo show 15 compatibility

I have a number of Amazon Echos and mostly they work fine with my Smartthings hub and the Z-wave devices connected to it.

I recently purchased a Show 15. It says all my devices are unresponsive. All my other Echos continue to work fine.

Is this a known issue? Any workaround?


The integration isn’t by device: it’s SmartThings account to Amazon account via the Internet. So if one of your echo devices is working, the others should be working too.

I suggest you contact Amazon support. I have always found them very helpful. Maybe there’s a setting on that device you need to update. :thinking:

( I have seen some reviews for the echo show 15 where people said that some features that worked on other models were not working on that one, but Amazon should know.)

Thanks. I figured there would be more people here that know about Echos than people there that know about Smartthings :slight_smile:

I know they have an integrated hub that is not Z-wave compatible, I suspect it’s using it’s own hub rather the Smartthings. I’ll try their support. Wish me luck lol

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