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All ADT Alarm users. I recently discovered all my sensors where dropped on the ADT side of the house. If you go in the security settings and then to the ADT APP your accout will show monitored but all your sensors may have been dropped. As a result ADT can no longer detect a alarm if a sensor is kick. I highly encourage everyone one who uses the ADT Panel and paid service to ADT check or call ADT. I was instructed by ADT Sam’s pushed out a firmware update and it cleared all the sensors on the ADT side. Both ADT and Samsung are pointing fingers at each other while we the consumer are suffering and paid for a service we are not getting. This is a know issue and started around 9 July. Currently no fix is in place and ADT Is advising you cancel your account with them and create a new one. This will require you to repay for the services even if you still have months on your original contract which is BS.

I know that’s really frustrating. There are already existing discussion threads on this issue, so you should add your post to one of those. Community members have been doing a lot of research on the problem, as well as discussing with ADT and smartthings support staff. The firmware that was updated was not the hub firmware, it was the firmware for the cellular communications module. Again, details in the existing thread.

ADT Hub System Test Required/Duplicate Sensors/Cellular Module Failure (July 2019)

Check that your ADT Panel is being monitored! (10 July 2019)

JD I just got off the phone with one of the lead ADT Programmers who was on the phone with Canopy and Samsung for 5 hours yesterday. It’s not a radio issue!!! Its a server / cloud issue. Looks like over 600 Smartthings ADT users accounts are involved and our info may have been wiped inadvertantly. Looks like only solutions maybe to reset all panel’s to factory reset and start from scratch. The main question now is MONEY and those who paid. If you start from scratch you have to pay for new account and who pays back the monies prorated on the old accounts. That’s the issues… I was told the servers where restarted last night but the billing and coding issue has not been resolved. I’m waiting on word back from upper management now because we are talking about serious liability issues when you have some people thinking there alarms are being monitored and in fact they are not. I would high suggest ADT and Smartthings reach out to these 600 plus affected users before a true alarm is activated and action is taken which results in the loss off life or property God forbid.


Great information, thanks! Please post it in the active discussion thread so other people will see it.

I’ll admit I’m surprised that there are only 600 accounts involved.

ADT Hub System Test Required/Duplicate Sensors/Cellular Module Failure (July 2019)

You would really be surprised on how many actual ADT Smartthings panels are paid users. There is a reason as to why this system is no longer offered. It’s not profitable.

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