ADT Hub System Test Required/Duplicate Sensors/Cellular Module Failure (July 2019)

Hi, I have been using the ADT hub and been paying for monitoring for about 3 months now. Everything has been working great until 2 days ago when my ADT billing cycle came and I was charged for my monitoring service. I received my receipt email from ADT, but I also received the following email from them:

Device add confirmation


You’ve successfully added a Control Unit to your ADT account.

Your activity:

Date: 07-05-2019

Details: ControlUnit added

I have not added or changed anything to my device. Ever since that email, my app has the “System Test Required” label. I have tried to do the required system test, however it instantly gives my the System Test Error message and tells me to call ADT.
I have called ADT and after 30 minutes on the phone the person could not see my panel. I set off the alarm multiple times and the ADT person still could not see my panel. They also have no history of them emailing me about any device being added.
I restarted the panel a few times from IDE but still no luck.
I have tried restarting my wifi and also connecting the panel to my hotspot so I know that my internet is not the issue.
Anybody has any ideas?

Thank you.

This is the message I receive when I try to do the test:

Also when i log into ADT canopy, all my sensors seem to be gone from the list

I am having the same exact issue right now. It is so frustrating because I am paying for monitoring and ADT is not receiving a signal. Samsung blames it on ADT and ADT blames it on Samsung. Very unprofessional I just need a solution.

Did your sensors also disappear from the ADT monitored section? I dont have any sensors under connected devices on the ADT page. I had 14 contact sensors on the ADT website and somehow they disappeared. The login page is

ADT told me they saw nothing connected for me and that I would have to re add. But It was so difficult to add them the first time. I said let’s try Rebooting it; which I did twice. I had Samsung call them on 3 way and all of a sudden ADT could see my devices. But now I am still receiving emails that my system test is incomplete and I am not being monitored. I spoke with Samsung today and was told that ADT is not making the system anymore (which puts us customers in a bad place). At this point it may be better to get into a contract with a company or use another company for monitoring with a completely different system. What a waste of money! Everything that happened to you happened to me.

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I got the “You’ve successfully added a Control Unit to your ADT account.” email on 7/8. I emailed the address on the email message ( and that bounced back. I didn’t have time to call them yesterday then got the " System test incomplete" email. When I go into the app I get the system test error message as reported by others.

I called ADT and they said there was an issue with the last Smartthings firmware update that has been rolling out. They could see my smoke detectors but they were showing up 3 times each, and they are showing up 3 times each on the panel. In the app they show up once under Things and they show up once in, but they don’t show up at all in canopy. The smokes work on a walk test.

I was also told to delete the sensors and re-add them. I deleted one door sensor and it will not re-add no matter what I do.

The billing page of the ADT Canopy Portal:

Yes I am getting the same page. Maybe theres a way for us to downgrade our firmware?

The ADT/ST hub hasn’t gotten a firmware update. Maybe something in the ADT or SmartThings cloud?

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The error seems to be related to the sim card. As soon as it checks for 4g signal it seems to fail and the url is redirected to “/sim-error”

or something happened to the adt server that the request is being sent to and its coming back with an error

I have the same duplicate sensor issue. Signed up for ADT monitoring today. Unable to complete the System Test because my sensors appear multiple times.

See screenshots. I have triggered all of my sensors, but duplicate sensors appear and cannot be triggered.

ADT referred me to Samsung and I have a ticket open with SmartThings support to investigate.

I have hub firmware version 000.020.00203 which appears unchanged. Samsung asked me to reboot the hub in the IDE and reinstall the iPhone app, but this had no effect.

I have also lost the weather widget on my panel when I signed up for ADT, which is odd.

The cellular signal strength test on shows a fair network connection, so I don’t appear to have a SIM issue. I can also access the billing page on that site, so I’m not having those issues.

I found another post related to my issue which helped me remove the duplicate sensors myself.

Update: I spoke too soon! The duplicate devices are BACK!

I believe I’ll try this when I get home:

  1. Perform a System Test which will not complete due to the duplicates.
  2. Screenshot the System Test screens.
  3. Run the procedure mentioned below to remove duplicates.
  4. Immediately run a System Test again before the duplicate sensors return.

Ultimately it looks like Samsung or ADT needs to fix this.

Original post follows. Here is the post which helped me develop my procedure:

I manually removed the duplicate sensors using the following procedure:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on your location name from the dashboard page. (There is a green location badge next to the clickable name.)
  3. You will be presented with your monitored devices. You can delete duplicate devices by selecting the gear icon next to the device and selecting “Remove Device”.

My duplicate sensors have the same name. I was able to determine which sensors are bogus by comparing the list of sensors on this page with the list of sensors from the System Test (see previous post screenshots). They are listed in exactly the same order.

I deleted the sensors at the position in the list which did not respond to the System Test.

Note: I am unable to delete the duplicate ControlUnit.

I am away from home but I’ll try completing the System Test when I get home. Hope this works. Nearly everything about this system — including debugging issues and finding support — is DIY! :slight_smile:

I was finally able to re-add my door sensor by rebooting the control unit and re-adding sensor with the button press procedure in the back of the manual. Now all of my duplicates are gone, everything looks perfect. Still can’t do a system test.

Did anyone notice that email to the support address on the “Device added to your ADT account” email ( bounces back?

Same here. All of my devices are deleted from the monitoring. They aren’t getting any signals from my panel. ADT says my cell radio is dead. They say they don’t sell replacement parts for it. I also can’t get into my billing to even cancel my monitoring and I have done all the same trouble steps listed in the previous posts (even have an open ticket) Seems to me this is the way ADT is going to get rid of this system. They are going to break every panel and then not fix them so they can be done with this system. It’s upsetting that I spent so much money on this system and it worked for 2 years and now no one is going to support it. Really bad customer relations.

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Update. All of my duplicate sensors were removed. However, the final phase of the System Test never completes. An inspection of the response from XHR APIs while the Test is running indicates the duplicate ControlUnit is holding up the final confirmation because the duplicate ControlUnit never responds. You cannot remove the duplicate ControlUnit using the ADT UI. I suspect it may be possible by editing a similar XHR request for deleting a sensor, changing the device ID to match the bad ControlUnit. I didn’t do this because I accidentally deleted one too many sensors and I don’t want to go through the trouble of resetting a sensor for a flow which may not work correctly.

My cell radio appears to be working correctly. My radio firmware is 17.01.573 and panel firmware version N.1.0 build 3901.

I have asked ADT for a refund via email provided by ADT over the phone. You can speak with someone knowledgeable by explaining to ADT the system test is not completing. Samsung cannot issue ADT refunds.

I somehow deleted my last post and didn’t mean to do it.

We should all email the CEO of ADT and tell them how unhappy we are that they just dropped us like this:

I don’t think they’ve suddenly dropped anybody on purpose considering some people still have a perfectly functional system. Sounds like they didn’t test well enough and broke something that affects some systems but not others.

Hey guys I finally fixed mine by deleting my ADT account and opening another one.
I used the smartthings app, went into my ADT account and in the DETAILS section all the way at the bottom I deleted my locatio and i restarted the hub from IDE and restarted my phone. I then opened another account on another email address from the app. I received all the emails from ADT that my sensors have been added. I tried to do the required system test and it failed at first. Then i used the classic app, clicked on the Home Security banner section, then at the top right i clicked the settings wheel and went all the way at the bottom where it said “Test Mode”. That took me to my ADT page where it had a slider and I put the system in test mode. I went back and clicked on the system test required banner and I had 3 cellular bars and the test passed.
Now all my sensors are on the ADT canopy page and everything works as before. And even the billing section is showing up now.


Did you get charged again for deleting the location?