Check that your ADT Panel is being monitored! (10 July 2019)

My ADT panel alarm went off 4 days ago (dog in the house). I got the ST notification but ADT never called. Now all of my connected devices aren’t showing up in the monitoring page and when I call ADT they can’t get any signals from my panel. I received no notification saying I wasn’t being monitored any more and I’m still paying for service. I have seen report on this forum that others are having similar issues. ADT says my cell radio is broken (despite it saying it works on the panel itself). I have seen reports that a firmware update was released and made the radios stop working. I don’t know if that is true but I do know my panel “needs to be replaced” according to ADT. Oh yeah and to make it worse I can’t cancel because ADT’s billing system webpage isn’t working.


My cell radio appears to be working correctly. My radio firmware is 17.01.573 and panel firmware version N.1.0 build 3901. What’s yours?

You can find this info by tapping Info on the touchscreen.

Mine is firmware version N.1.0 build 3908. Radio Modem 17.01.573. Looks like the newer firmware is what the problem is. If you can prevent a fw upgrade do it. (Mine must have updated automatically) I’ve had the panel for 2 years. If you can see your billing page and do a system test then you panel is still working. ADT tech support says they know it’s a problem and are working with smartthings to fix it. They also told me they will consider a credit to the service after the problem is corrected since I’m paying for monitoring (and they aren’t monitoring my panel).


This issue is also being discussed in detail in the following thread, so you might want to read that one as well. That one started with a member who couldn’t complete the ADT system test, then discovered they had duplicate sensors, and then tracked everything down to the failure of the cellular module after the update.

Quite a few community members have been discussing the problems as well as the responses they have been getting from both ADT and Samsung support staff about it.

ADT Hub System Test Required/Duplicate Sensors/Cellular Module Failure (July 2019)