Duplicate, Contradictory, Presence Sensors Issue


I am new to this. I use my iphone as a presence sensor. I couldn’t add my wife’s iphone as a second user because that option is unavailable at this time. So I downloaded ST app to my iphone and she signs in with my account. The problem is, if she is home and I am not, on her phone it says “Yustos iphone present” (because she signs in with my account) and on my iphone it says “Yustos iphone away” because I am away indeed!

Is there a way around this issue? will that affect the smart lighting programming, like when I come home certain lights should turn on, because her phone recognizes me as already “present” ?

Thanks for your insights in advance!


Hi @Yustos,

Search is your friend in this Community:

Look at this topic specifically:

You’ll see that Android users (like me) can log on to multiple phones with the same account, and not have the same behavior as iOS users. I don;t have an iPhone to experiment with options, naming the phone differently in the app, etc, but that thread may help you understand the underlying issue plaguing us right now…

This is what I was trying to explain in the thread that you linked for iOS users. I was burnt by this when I first started with ST more than one year back and sirens would be blaring when missus came home and that’s not good after a long day…

Not entirely true, I logged onto a Nexus 7 tablet and it doesn’t get added as another presence sensor, I haven’t tried another Android phone yet.