Unable to re-add iPhone as a presence sensor

Hi there–very new to ST and have the basic monitoring package plus a couple of Osram bulbs. I have my iPhone, my wife’s Galaxy, and my Nexus configured as presence devices. I just noticed when troubleshooting some automation that my phone was being reported as present even when I was at work. When I removed it, it’s now stuck in the ‘This mobile phone is already set up as a mobile presence device’ whenever I try to add. I’ve tried the troubleshooting steps I’ve found here and before I email ST directly, i have a question. When I set up my wife’s phone as a presence sensor, I used the same account info as mine. Do I need to set up a separate account for her and then manually add all of the automation steps that I have? I’ve tried removing all 3 presence sensors and tried re-installing the app on my phone.


Log out of the app and log back in…then try to add the device.

I tried that but no difference. Thanks though

I just had to do this on my wifes phone because she lost it on our cruise. This is what i did and it worked.

Delete the app on her phone. Resend the email from the master account to the iphone. Download the app and login using the email sent login.

Hope this helps