Not showing both phones

My husband and I each have an iPhone. It shows that my phone is present on the app but not his. We are new to this so I’m wondering if I didn’t add his phone correctly.


STart from the basics, you each have the ST app installed with your own accounts made?

AFter that, you can Add a Thing - Add Manually - Sensors - Presence Sensors

Thanks! I’ll look at presence sensors when he gets home. I have a feeling we didn’t do that! I definitely need the basics right now Haha thank you!

Sure! It’s been so long since I initially set it up… I forget if your phone automatically gets added as a presence sensor or if you have to manually do it.

I definitely know you both need the app with your own accounts on it.

My phone automatically showed up. I’ll play around with it tonight. I just automated some lights and I’m officially addicted. This could prove to be an expensive habit.

I personally was finding the presence sensors unreliable, so I instead use Life360 for presence sensing.

mystery solved. My husband signed in with the same account as me so it thought his phone was my phone!

thanks for all of your help!

Perfect, glad it worked!

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