Using iPhones as presence sensors (2017)

Hi everyone – first time writer here.
Geeking about SmartThings and having a connected home. However, I have been unable to figure out how to add my wife’s phone as an additional presence sensor.

Have read through the forums (which I don’t see anything recent), and have tried a number of things. However, after boiling it down to needing to invite her (done), set up a new account on her phone (done), and then try to add her as a device (tried, failed), I’m not sure what to do.

MAIN QUESTION: is it possible to have more than one phone used as a presence sensor at my home?

Any direction is helpful.

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Thanks! And happy Thanksgiving to you all. Thanks for all you do in helping newbies like me be able to navigate this smart world. This forum has been a life saver. :blush:

When you had set up the ST app on your wife’s phone, did you then go into the app on your wife’s phone, go to marketplace, things, presence sensors, mobile phone, connect now and add her device?

You need to do this for each device that you load the app on if you want to use it as a presence sensor.

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After logging on with her new account in the app on her phone, did you go to the Marketplace -> Things -> Sensors -> Presence Sensors -> Mobile Phone ?

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Okay… @bobbles and @johnconstanteloYOU ARE AMAZING!! Thank you for hitting me back so fast!! That’s what I wasn’t able to find, and works flawlessly.

Hopefully this thread helps others find it faster than it took me as well.

Thankful for you guys! Have a good one! :smile: